England! (London, UK)

dress_bum_outMistress T in lingerie.Mistress T in stockings showing feet.

I’m planning my next trip to England & here’s the important info you need BEFORE you email me with any questions: you’re going to have to pay to apply.

That’s right. A $50 tribute is required before I’ll respond to your inquiries. (I give you lots of options to make the tribute).

Why? Because I’m a one-woman show. I do everything without admin assistance, including reading & responding personally to emails. It may not always be the best use of my time but I think fans should know when they email me they are communicating only with me. By requiring a small tribute to apply to see me in London I hope to cut back on the usual crushing volume & time-wasters…thus freeing up more time for those who deserve my attention!

I’ll answer a few basic questions here then give you the many easy options to pay before you email to apply:

#1. I will be in England within the next 3 months. I will have some time in London as well as outside of London.

#2. My private & social rate is high. You’ll need a generous budget. 50% deposit required if accepted.

#3. At this point I don’t think I’ll be needing any more film slaves but even if that is your wish you’ll still need to pay to apply with the $50 tribute.

#4. No intercourse, oral sex/nude face sitting or hard sports.

Ways to pay $50 tribute:

-Tribute button on my clips store: http://www.clips4sale.com/23869 (Clip cash card should work even if you don’t have a credit card)
-$50 worth of vids from my clips store: http://www.clips4sale.com/23869
-Get a premium membership to my site: http://www.MistressT.net
-$50 gift card from Amazon.com (sent to email address below)
-$50 worth of gifts from my Amazon wish list: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist
If you only have PayPal this will work:
-$50 micro-loan through Kiva: http://www.mistresst.net/blog/uncategorized/loan-to-a-worthwile-cause-get-free-porn/

Or a gift card for my favorite spa (paypal):


Lastly, if you must, mail cash. Email me to ask for the mailing address.


Send an email to MsT@MistressT.net:

#1. With proof of the tribute.

#2. Introducing yourself & your interests. Include references if you have them.

You can stop reading now, that was the really crucial info…but here’s a little extra:

My ideal client is one who has read many of my blog entries & feels a connection to me as a person, not an object (not just a porn star)…and feels excited about getting to know me further in person. This client indeed worships me as Mistress T & has enthusiastically enjoyed many of my vids but again, also sees me as a real, multidimensional person. This client values my time, respects me & is a gentleman. He is open to letting me know him as well & hopes for our time together to be mutually enjoyable. Our rendezvous will likely have a social element to it, a walk, dining together, shopping or some other outing or entertainment: a chance to get acquainted. Our private time may include tease & denial with potential release by my hand, maybe foot or leg worship, with or without hosiery…maybe water sports or other kinky or humiliating games. Maybe a role-play, mental game or even a bit of pain…or a lot of pain: ballbusting or such. Whatever the specific activities it is about creating an experience together.

Mistress T

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Cartoon apology

So this kind of cool thing happened today: a guy emailed to ask me to release a certain vid for free. He said he was a big fan of the vids of mine he had watched for free. He didn’t mean to insult me, but like a lot of young men these days who have never paid for porn he really didn’t understand that what he was doing was wrong. Clueless, but not ill intentioned. So I sent him the link to my post about this sort of thing: http://www.mistresst.net/blog/my-personal-life/when-a-compliment-is-an-insult/

His response actually impressed me:

“So, when you sent me the link to your blog post, I read it and
understood why you were mad about me viewing free videos of you from
other sites. I also decided to read the rest of your blogs up to your
latest post (I’m so sorry about your loss).

The thought that was going through my mind after reading the posts
were, “This woman isn’t just some leather clad dominatrix on a camera.
She’s actually a very kind, funny, smart, caring woman. And you
disrespected her.”

I felt like crap. The way I was looking at it was that I like a lot of
indie movies and bands. And I would never pirate any of their work,
because they rely on that money because they’re not big productions.
And it’s also a way of me showing that I’m a true fan. Well, you’re
like that. You’re an indie production that I enjoy a lot, and I
insulted you because I wasn’t a true fan, because I was viewing your
vids on other sites, and basically taking away from you. So, for that
I am sorry.

The drawing I included in this email is my attempt at an apology gift.
I’m kind of an artist I guess.

So I decided maybe this was a good way to give you some good humor for
your day. I know a lotta my friends liked it when I drew em cartoon
style, so I hope maybe you will too. Sorry about 2 things in the
drawing, 1. The gimp’s pose, I’ve never drawn that pose before, so it
was new for me. 2. The line quality. I only have a cheap sharpie pen
to work with at the moment (being a recently graduated, unemployed 20
year old kinda sucks, especially since I can’t buy good art supplies
at the moment, lol).

So, case in point, I hope you enjoy the drawing. I made it with the
intention of it being more funny than pervy. And I hope you accept my
apology. You are not only a beautiful fetish filmmaker, but also a
wonderful person, and I know that now, and I’m sorry to have offended
you. When I get a job and start getting a steady income, I will start
paying to watch your full videos on your site like a real fan. :)”


Mistress T

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Honoring Gaspman’s Memory

I loved Gaspman so much.

I loved Gaspman so much.

My very close friend, known to many as “Gaspman”, recently passed after an inspiring battle with cancer. He was days away from his 59th birthday.

The name “Gaspman” came from his hundreds of legendary facesitting scenes on Club Stiletto. He was also famous in the pony riding & shoulder riding world, known for his impressive strength & endurance.

He demonstrated that a man could gracefully submit to a woman while being extraordinarily strong, both physically & mentally. He was a gentleman with impeccable manners who truly worshiped women. He worshiped from a place of worthiness, not worthlessness, pampering & caring for women in a way that was endearing & respectful. He was like a warrior that could fiercely protect you in battle but then shower you with the most gentle kisses.

We worked together for years creating FemDom films. They were often ‘party shoots’ where we’d have some drinks and food between filming scenes and continue on for hours after filming was wrapped. We had SO much fun. He loved to entertain & socialize. He was charismatic and adventurous. He became very close friends, like family to me. He was always supportive and encouraging. A very positive influence in my life. Losing him has been one of the most painful things I’ve ever gone through.

In the FemDom fetish film world he leaves a legacy. He started making FemDom vids about 12 years ago before the technology was easy to use, before it was even as acceptable as it is now. He did it out of pure passion for the fetishes he loved, mainly shoulder riding/pony riding & ass worship…but he loved most anything to do with worshiping women. You’ll find him in hundreds of scenes happily worshiping many beautiful Goddesses.

He lived a full life…and this is important. In his 20′s he had been in a successful rock bank that played in front of thousands of adoring fans. After he had a successful and meaningful ‘vanilla’ career. He was an amazing son, brother, uncle, father, partner & friend. He loved to cook, especially meat and rich, delicious foods. He loved to have drinks with friends and in his younger rock n’ roll days I’m sure he enjoyed that lifestyle to the fullest too, if ya know what I mean? With that in mind I asked him near the end if he had known back then that his indulgent lifestyle may one day cause him to have a shorter lifespan if he would have changed anything? He said without hesitation: no. He lived an amazing life, several lives really. He lived fully, passionately, positively. He had FUN, he laughed, he brought joy & love to many….and he will be missed by many.

About a year ago I made this little video featuring him:


At that time he had heroically won his first battle with cancer & had been doing well…but had just started to have some indications that maybe there was something else wrong.

He continued to fight bravely and was an inspiration. When he felt well enough I would come over & listen to music with him on his amazing sound system in his living room. This blog post about music appreciation was about him:


When he wasn’t feeling well enough I’d just lay in bed with him watching TV. Even on those days, when his energy was low he was brimming over with positivity.

The last day I saw him was a great day. We had cake & champagne for a family birthday. He hadn’t had a drink in a very very long time so it was especially indulgent for him. We laughed & talked as if everything was fine. I’m glad that that is my last memory of him. Him doing what he always enjoyed so much: eating & drinking with loved ones. The simple things in life, right?

Mistress T

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I’m still here…

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a blog post. This is just a quick note to let you know I haven’t abandoned my blog.

I have been away the last couple of weeks: Mexico, Belize & New York City. I should be posting pics & telling you all about my trip…& I probably will…but not today.

Recently I lost a very close friend to cancer. The service is tomorrow & I’m hoping it will provide a catalyst for the healing process to begin. At the moment I’m just feeling heavy with sadness & having a hard time getting motivated to work. The sadness comes in waves so I’m still getting things done, just at a slower pace.

So, I’m still here & I’ll be okay. I’ll get my blog caught up soon, I certainly have a lot to say… & gradually, things will go back to business-as-usual. Thank you for your patience.


Mistress T

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Lucky Guy


When I tweet pics of me with guys/slaves the most common comment I get is “Lucky guy” followed by “Wish I was him/wish it was me”.

So who are these lucky guys and where do they come from? Unlike the guys you see in a lot of mainstream porn, 99% of my guys are not professional performers. I live in Vancouver, Canada. We don’t have a porn scene here so there are no professionals (that I know of) to hire even if I wanted to. While traveling I have had the opportunity to work with a few pro’s. Exactly 3 I think: Shane Diesel, Wolf Hudson & Deviant Kade. Slave Wade might be considered a pro by now too?

When I started making my own vids I had a partner. The first couple of years he was the only guy I filmed sex scenes with. Those who have been watching my stuff for more than 5 years probably know who I’m talking about. After we went our separate ways I started filming with others.

Each one has their own unique story. Some I’ve only filmed with once or a few times, for a variety of reasons. Perhaps we were only in the same place at the same time briefly, like a guy from out of town visiting. Sometimes I just don’t ‘click’ with someone enough to want to work with them anymore.

The ones that have stuck around earn nicknames and are close to my heart. The Gladiator, The Fire Hose Guy, Superman, The Young Fella, Eager Beaver, etc.

Most tend to be fans who simply offer themselves to be used for filming. Usually they don’t show their face which is fine with me. I think it’s easier for the viewer to imagine it’s him if he isn’t distracted by a face. They need to keep their anonymity. They all have lives. One of them sneaks out of the office to film with me & always shows up in a sharp suit, perfectly coiffed. He’s so beautiful I wish my fans could see more of him than just his cock, but alas…


Another one is a personal friend I’ve had for many years. He comes & goes. When he’s in a relationship we don’t film. When things don’t work out he comes back.


I found one fella while on vacation in Mexico. He was American & came to Vancouver to film with me several times over the next couple of years.


Some guys get shared or passed around among the other Vancouver Dommes. We’re a small, close community.


When I’m in England I get use of the English Mansion slaves or those who belong to Nikki Whiplash.


A more unique story is of the guy I accidentally found through one of those adult dating sites. I hadn’t been on it in over a year but I logged in to get the profile of someone impersonating me removed. While I was waiting for the admin to message me back another message came in & I looked at it. He had a nice cock so I asked if he’d like to be in my vids. He ended up being a wonderful film guy.


I prefer the ones who come regularly. I enjoy getting to know them & figuring out how to control their orgasms. I like pushing boundaries & introducing them to new things. We often sit around chatting over tea before or after filming which is also nice for me. Sometimes we go for a bite to eat or hang out socially. Some of them are lovers before they are in my films…sometimes they become my personal fuck toys off camera after. Some of them serve me in a more ‘slave’ way personally.

So I would say that they all consider themselves to be as lucky as you think they are. I wouldn’t keep anyone around who isn’t appreciative. I have more guys to film with than I need. I also consider myself lucky. I love what I do & a big part of that is liking those who I do intimate scenes with.


Info on applying to be a film slave: http://www.mistresst.net/blog/fetish-focus/frequently-asked-questions/

Mistress T

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When A Compliment Is An Insult


I make myself pretty accessible. I tweet & blog a lot. I really want my fans to see me as a person & not an object (as many women are portrayed in the adult biz).

Being accessible can be a double edged sword though. I often get emails that are complimentary but inappropriate.

Picture if you will, my every day life. I wake up, check my email & twitter from the bathroom in the dark. Then I put on music, chill indie or something cheerful while I shake up my protein drink & boil water for green tea. I then answer emails in my flannel pj’s while sitting in front of a large window, sometimes putting seeds out so birds entertain me.

The rest of my day might include a meal with friends, yoga, walking, errands, doing housework, making myself something to eat, going to the spa with friends, visiting a sick friend, talking to family on the phone, writing my book, planning trips, going out to parties, having sex or any number of other things that are NOT work related.

For work I edit, film, tweet, blog, occasionally session in person or webcam…and answer emails.

This is a bit long-winded because what I’m going to say might sound ‘bitchy’ and I want you to see me as a regular person first and not just a porn star, Dominatrix, celebrity or whatever.

I understand the concept of ‘fan mail’. I also understand the reality is that many of my fans have never paid a cent to enjoy my content, yet they still consider themselves devoted fans, hungrily consuming whatever they can get their mitts on for free. Maybe they genuinely can’t afford to pay anything. Maybe the concept of paying has never occurred to them, they are a part of the demographic that just thinks free porn is the norm. In any case, they have never contributed in a positive way to my work. There’s an argument that watching the pirated stuff negatively effects my business but we’ll leave that for today & just assume that they are at a ‘zero’ in terms of positive or negative contribution…


They send me a long email telling me how much they adore me, how they’ve jerked off to dozens of my vids…but wait until the end to mention that they aren’t a member of my site or anything but they just HAD to write me anyway.

Now they have stolen my time. Minutes that I won’t get back to enhance my personal life or create more great content. Minutes that add up when many guys do this. Each one thinking they are doing me a favor by telling me how sexy they think I am or how much they love my vids. “Compliments’ that turn into insults when they then point out they’ve paid nothing for the content I’ve worked hard to create.

I have to read those emails because they often all sound the same at first (opening with compliments) before the guy gets to the business part: he wants a custom vid, he wants to meet me in person, he wants to volunteer to be a film slave, etc.

Then I feel like a dick for not responding to those ‘compliment only’ emails, which I just don’t have time for. So I end up feeling worse than if he had just never sent the email in the first place.

Here’s the bitchy part that would have sounded harsher if I opened with it:

Do not send me complimentary emails if you have not paid for anything & have no intention of paying for something or contributing in a way that has value to me.

I don’t need your compliments. I do not suffer from low self esteem & I know very well by now how truly wonderful my content is.

If you’re going to jerk off to my content for free at least have the decency to keep it to yourself & don’t annoy me with emails that waste my time.


To the many, many wonderful fans who join my site, buy vids from clips4sale, send me gifts from my Amazon Wish List, tribute or support my efforts in any way: THANK YOU! You make my day, every day. xo

Mistress T

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Click here for my Amazon Wish List!


Bi Stunt Cock Unicorn?

#2. Suck Cock To Earn Your Orgasm

#2. Suck Cock To Earn Your Orgasm

The world is full of cocksuckers…well, MY world anyway.

One of my biggest selling genres last year was ‘Encouraged Bi’ vids. Anything from guys sucking dicks to POV scenes with me telling the viewer to suck cock for me. Lots of gay brainwashing, bi mind-fucking, slurp, gulp, you get the point.

I also get loads (ha ha) & loads of emails from guys begging to suck cock for me in private or on film.

So what’s the problem? All suckers & not enough meat popsicles to deep-throat…but when you think about it, it makes sense:

Under what circumstances would a guy want to be knob-gobbled by a dude he’s never met, with me there? Me being there disqualifies 95% of homosexuals. Maybe 5% might be freaky enough to like a woman there for this? Gay guys don’t need me to get their joystick sucked.

If the guy is bisexual he would need to be attracted to me & be aroused by the situation. Take away the pressure of this being a paying client or a filmed scene…even in private that’s not a top fantasy for most guys. Add the pressure of the expectant client or filming? Why would most guys be interested in that?

So how does this happen in porn, because even I have some films like that: professional porn performers and/or the rare bi guy who is just freaky enough to be into this unique scenario. In all my years in the biz I have only worked with 1 guy who was really suitable for this scenario…and he doesn’t live in Vancouver. But even he doesn’t want a bunch of random strangers slurping his tally whacker. We work with people he’s comfortable with.

Yet guys seem to think that I can just snap my fingers & produce a tonsil tickler out of thin air for them to gobble. So here is me snapping my fingers & sending this request out to the universe:

If you are a guy in Vancouver or willing to come here + you have at least an average size tool & at least an average body + you think you would be able to get hard & stay hard while being blown by a dude you don’t know, email me: MsT@MistressT.net

Note: although I’d actually be willing to pay for the right guy I would only pay if he actually performed well…& money will not make your wang hard if the situation is making you soft. So money should be considered a bonus & not a motivator. In other words, if you’re only doing it for the money & you can’t perform, you won’t get the money anyway.

I won’t hold my breath for an inbox full of applicants…but at least I now have a blog post I can link to rather than responding individually to the many requests I get.

So what do you do if you’re dying to hoover cock for me? Find the one-eyed-trouser-snake yourself & then ask me to join in via skype or in person. All cities have websites for connecting guys. You probably won’t even have to pay (them). Manhunt, Grinder, Craigslist, FetLife, AdultFriendFinder, etc.

Or I suppose, if you’re willing to pay enough (in advance) for me to organize it, I could bring in a male escort. I’ve never done that but hey, I suppose if you’ve got the budget for it, it’s possible.

Mistress T

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So, what do you do?


Sometimes I find myself in the awkward position of trying to explain to someone what I do for a living.

There is no quick way to explain, like saying you’re a dentist, a car salesperson, a criminal lawyer, a bank teller, etc. Sure, I can say that I produce & perform in adult films but then they just get an image of me being gang-banged in every hole by 6 guys at once. Nothing against mainstream porn, I enjoy it & respect those who do that work…it’s just that it’s not really very much like what I actually do.

So I explain that I create niche FemDom fetish films. Then I explain that means that all my films are about Dominant Females and submissive males. Not usually like a leather-clad Dominatrix with a whip in a dungeon, but sometimes. Usually in a domestic setting, often with me doing a lot of talking to the camera to the viewer watching the film.


The person is usually nodding while making a confused face at this point. Like ‘talking’ in a porn film is the craziest thing they’ve ever heard.

I explain that the guys who watch my vids are into the fantasy of being controlled or Dominated by a confident woman. They feel a connection to me because I’m speaking directly to them. Sure, sometimes there is sex if it fits the scenario, like cuckolding or sex slave, but more often I do hand jobs so the guy jerking off can imagine it’s my hand on his cock.


Back up…what’s cuckolding?

So then I explain that. Which is often painful. Especially if it’s a couple & the wife looks interested and the guy looks horrified…or vice versa.

#16. New Hubby Becomes Cuckold

#16. New Hubby Becomes Cuckold

At this point I have them by the short & curlies. They couldn’t be ripped away from this conversation if Jesus himself appeared & started turning water into wine. But for me I just feel like a circus freak doing my dog & pony show. I would happily leave the conversation if the most boring person in the world stepped in to explain advanced calculus.

Sometimes they’ll ask what my name is online so they can look me up. Depending on the person this can be varying degrees of awkward. Do I want this person to see me naked, fucking?


Sometimes they ask something along the lines of how much money I make, which is crass, but for some reason this answer will determine whether they’ll conclude I’m a stupid slut or a brilliant business woman. I usually just smile & say that I do fine. If it’s a female inquiring because she’s thinking of getting into the biz, I tell her it’s not easy-money. I’ve done well where the vast majority have not.

Sometimes I feel compelled to educate & enlighten the masses one person at a time & I spend more time explaining what I do. I’m sure a lot of us have jobs that aren’t quite what people think they are. It’s just that there is such harsh judgement of those who make their living in the sex trade…but in many ways my business is like many others. I pay taxes, I have business expenses, a web site, social media, I answer emails, etc. My education is in sales, marketing and public relations. I’ve applied what I learned similarly in other industries as well as in my adult business.

Anyway, this was just on my mind today so I thought I’d share a little insight into the reality of being me, who is also Mistress T…as this blog is all about getting to know me more intimately. In case you ever wondered what I tell people about what I do. I rarely lie since all of my friends & family know. I just lie if I really don’t feel like giving the long-winded explanation or if I’m sure the person will not be able to handle it. I’ve been surprised often. I’ve been judged harshly by those who I thought were open-minded & I’ve been warmly accepted by those who I suspected would be the most judgmental.
Mistress T

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Penis Size

I read an excellent New York Times article about sex & what we can learn by what people search on Google. Here’s the article in its entirety: Searching for Sex http://nyti.ms/1CPxwKV

The topic I’m focusing on in this blog post is the issue of penis size. This article says that Google searches indicate that men are obsessed with penis size…asking Google if they have a small penis and how to make their penis larger.

From New York Times article: Searching for Sex http://nyti.ms/1CPxwKV

From New York Times article: Searching for Sex http://nyti.ms/1CPxwKV

The article also says this: “Do women care about penis size? Rarely, according to Google searches. For every search women make about a partner’s phallus, men make roughly 170 searches about their own.”

I do a lot of vids featuring “Small Penis Humiliation” specifically for guys who are aroused by being humiliated. I’ve received some serious questions regarding my own personal views on penis size & it has been a challenging tight rope for me to walk. I’m in the business of fantasy fulfillment. I create pornographic content for entertainment purposes. It might be a confusing mixed message for a fan of my small penis humiliation to read or hear me say that it might be okay if you’re not hung like a horse.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: mainstream porn is the wrong place for people to look for sex education. If you believed everything you saw in mainstream porn you would probably assume all men had huge cocks that were always erect & able to ejaculate under any circumstances…among other absurd things (like all women love it in the butt, can deep throat anything & absolutely love swallowing cum, preferably from 6 different dudes at the same time.) Mainstream porn gives guys the wrong ideas about sex like Disney movies give girls the wrong idea about romance. Cuz, honey, Prince Charming isn’t going to gallop in on his horse, rescue you & then live happily-ever-after with you in a damn castle.

But I digress.

Back to me. It’s true that I prefer the esthetic of larger cocks in my vids. Video is a visual medium & it’s entertainment. I cater to the fetish of “small penis humiliation” for those who are aroused by that.

In reality though I think most men will find that most women are happiest with men who run average (6 inches) to slightly larger than average. Not huge (many women complain about painful intercourse when their partners are too large, especially too long) but also not too small. So what is ‘too small’? Under 4 inches & slender I would say. But even then, many women can be pleasured with mouths, hands & toys. If the chemistry is there it really doesn’t matter what your dick looks like (in many cases).

There. I said it. In reality if your dick isn’t huge it may not be the end of the world. I hope most of you knew that already & didn’t need to hear it from me? But I’ll keep making vids humiliating guys with small penis’s because that’s what I do. I’ll also keep the slave chained up in my bathroom, the shrunken men in a jar in my kitchen, the slave laying by my front door to wipe my feet on, the slave I’m sitting on right now while I write this blog and the slave tied to my bed being denied an orgasm for weeks until I decide to film his release…cuz, ya know, everything I film is 100% real. *smirk*


Mistress T

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Music Appreciation Moment


This is a more personal piece. Not sexy…but this blog is meant for you to get to know me more intimately, so this qualifies.

I had an amazing day. I visited a very dear friend who is fighting for his life. He’s been fighting cancer for years, winning, but it keeps returning. He’s still fighting & is one of the most inspiring people I know.

We laughed. We cried. We enjoyed delicious tea, cookies & cake. We listened to music on his high quality sound system. Big band, the Tragically Hip, 80′s rock ballads. Then I suggested Pink Floyd & he suggested we indulge in some of his morphine for that experience.

(Disclaimer: I am not a regular taker of drugs of any kind. I experimented in my 20′s with party drugs & hippie stuff but in my 30′s I just haven’t been that interested.)

So I sat with my dear friend, holding hands listening to Pink Floyd really loud while floating on a morphine cloud.

He’s been listening to a lot of music lately. He’s also been watching a lot of comedy & spending time with the people he loves. Music, laughter & love being his priorities these days.

I don’t ask a lot of my fans or slaves. I could really be so much more demanding…so I’ll ask each of you to do something for me today (& any time really) but especially today: Play one of your favorite songs as loud as you can & do nothing besides listen to it all the way through. Really listen to it & enjoy it. Savor it. Heck, dancing to it would be fine too. Let’s call it a ‘music appreciation moment’.

Will you do that for me? Will you do that for you? It’s not going to change the world but it’s not going to hurt anything either (unless it pisses off the neighbors for 5 minutes. Oh well.)

Big love,

Mistress T (or in this case, the woman who is also Mistress T)

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