I’m a lousy Financial Domme

FetishCon 2013 with Meggerx, ceara & Mistress T.

Meggerz, Ceara & I…feet up, drink in hand…

I have a great respect for the ladies who succeed at Financial Domination. It’s a legitimate fetish and it takes skill to be good at it. I know there are literally thousands of gals out there who think it’s as easy as sticking out their palm & saying “Pay me, pig!” Well, it isn’t. I’ve had some enlightening conversations with some of the best FinDoms in the world, including my dear friends Ceara Lynch and Meggerz.

As I will soon be enjoying a luxurious trip paid for in full by Meggerz financial slave I thought it would be humorous to list ta few ways I’ve failed over the years as a Financial Domme. Hey, ya can’t be good at everything, eh!

- A pay pig once took me shopping for a purse. He took me to Coach (designer purses costing hundreds of dollars) but I couldn’t find what I wanted so I dragged him sulking to Aldo where he reluctantly bought me a $30 purse I wanted (& I used quite a bit!)

- A guy who used to like to show off how wealthy he was sent me dozens of pairs of high end designer shoes. He was pissed when I sent him back the ones that didn’t fit. I thought I was being considerate? *sigh* Canadians.

- A client once gave me a Louis Vuitton purse. I gave it to a girlfriend because I don’t like to put my valuables in a bag that has so much value someone might steal it. He was insulted.

- That same client gave me a gorgeous coat with a real fur collar. I gave it away too. I would only wear fur if it was vintage…and even then I’d feel bad about it.

- a rich fan once paid me to fly to another city to go on a date with him. He over-paid me $1000 and told me I could keep it. I sent it back to him anyway…(but he wouldn’t accept it so it got returned to me again.)

- I’m really bad at spending time on webcam/skype. While I’m not there guys send me dozens of messages begging for me to come on cam, offering generous tributes…these would be horny guys ripe for the picking (I guess?) yet…I still rarely bother with webcam.

Hey, it’s not that I don’t like money. Sure, I don’t like designer purses, obviously…but money is good. It’s security for me as I’m a saver, not a spender. Yet the Financial Slaves & I just don’t usually click. What ever it is they’re looking for, I don’t have it. I’m okay with that.

For more information on Financial Domination, google it or see this explanation: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_financial_domination

Mistress T

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Name & shame…sort of.

"Why would you NOT mention WHERE you want to meet me??? Why?!"

“Why would you NOT mention WHERE you want to meet me??? Why?!”

Avid readers of my blog probably know that geography is important to me when it comes to inquiries to meet…yet many of the inquiries (for private sessions or film slave applications) make no reference to a location. It’s frustrating to read a long email, to reply asking for the city & have the response be some obscure place I’ve never been, have no plans to go to & the applicant has no intention of coming to meet me.

Below is an example of such a communication that happens frequently EXCEPT this is also an example of a clearly mentally unstable person who seemed fine at first & then goes psycho. I don’t need to post this persons email address because what he requests is so specific & unique any Domme reading this will remember it & never accept a session with this hateful, unbalanced person.

Greetings Mistress T,

I’ll save you the long and overly articulated email, as it states you desire in your blog.

–I have never seen a mistress before, but your beauty is too spellbinding to resist.
–I’m deeply into ballbusting as I had a testicle removed as a baby, and it fucked my head all up as a child.
–I desire a caring, or “motherly” type of approach to ballbusting; I’m not into humiliation or abuse, but rather affectionate and sympathetic infliction of testicular pain.
– That being said, I would still happily comply with the requirements you have set for your clients: addressing you as you desire, me being addressed as you desire, etc.

Do my desires fit within your style for a ballbusting session?  What is a “donation” for a session like this?

Thanks much,


NOTE: He sounds great in his first email. He mentions that he reads my blog …but I guess he missed the parts where I harp on about guys not communicating clearly by telling me WHERE they want to meet me. So I respond with:

$x for x minutes in Vancouver…if that’s where you’re hoping to see me?

Mistress T

Mistress T,

I saw that you’re in Vancouver (beautiful city!), and I was hoping you might have a travel schedule, as I’m in Denver.  Though if you are stay put in Vancouver, then I might have to plan a trip.  Although if I do that, considering travel and lodging, I might have to go the on-camera model route, if that’s of interest to you.  Otherwise, I’m in Vegas quite a bit, if you’re ever there.

NOTE: Now I’m annoyed. I’m not going to Denver or Vegas in the foreseeable future. IF he comes to Vancouver he won’t be able to afford to pay for a session. So maybe I should have just not responded but I think the question is valid…so I asked:
“Why would you have not mentioned location in your 1st email?”

That’s all I wrote. Just that question. At which points he shows another side to himself:

Christ you mistresses are all the same.  Are you even human?  What the hell’s the difference?  I do a lot of traveling and I can make it to Vancouver if I need to.  I want to thank you for reminding me why I’ve had no desire to see a domme in the first place.  Have a great time in that fantasy world of yours where low lifes lick your boots.  Sounds very fulfilling–your parents must be so proud. 

NOTE: My parents are actually very proud of me & yes, they know what I do…but it’s interesting that so many people fall back on that insult. I hope in the future a person can freely choose to do adult work without the stigma that’s attached to it. Here’s a great article about this topic…I’d really like all of you to read it: http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/what-i-want-to-know-is-why-you-hate-porn-stars/Content?oid=19094602

So, fellow Dommes out there…beware of a guy requesting a ‘motherly’ ballbusting session (1 testicle, in Denver). He’s a nutter.

For the rest of you, for the love of fucking god, tell me what city you are inquiring about when you write about meeting me. I live in Vancouver. I go to the UK a couple times of year. Other than that my travel is random & I don’t “tour”…so no, I’m not randomly going to be in Michigan, Toronto, Italy or Argentina.

Don't be fooled by cute-ness!

Don’t be fooled by cute-ness!

Mistress T

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Fans say the darndest things…

I think the look on my face says it all...

I think the look on my face says it all…

Here’s a peek into my mail bag…not a day goes by that I don’t read something in my email or twitter that causes me to screw up my face, roll my eyes or say out loud: “What the fuck?!”.

These are quotes from emails & my reaction to them:

From a fan in India: “i just thought if you can make me come to the US by a job visa or by the way of romance, or you can find me a place to work with you… I will thank you. “

~ Um, no. Firstly, I’m a Canadian living in Canada & secondly: no.

From a fan trying to bait/manipulate me into catering to his fetish for small penis humiliation:  “Hello mistress!
I was wondering if you could tell me if I have a small penis or not?”

~ *tumble weeds blowing through his inbox as he sits waiting for a response that’s never coming*

“Ive been in chastity for a while now and I think its shrunk :l”

~ Who cares?
“I want full ownership by the most beautiful Domme who ever walked the earth!!!
Beat me, bind me, cuck me, Torture my cock and balls any way you wish, make me a sissy-slut too!!!
I am totally straight, but I would suffer the humiliation of faggotry for you!!!”

~ Ah yes, yet another “straight” guy begging me to “make” him suck cock…and ordering me to do stuff to him. Hot? Not.

“I am so desperate to lick your ass and swallow your farts because it is my oxygen.”

~ No it’s not.

“I think it is hot when you work with black men and do some things in public.  I could even fly you places to work with allot of black men you like and cover all expenses.”

~ Fantasy & reality are not the same thing buddy.

“I would also love to see you take an SUV on a public road and pull over and jump on the gear shift riding it to one incredible orgasm.”

~ What about me would make you think I would be interested in fucking a vehicle?

“Why would a stunning young lady like your self be empressed with a battered up boxer like me. But I want to keep fighting 4 u sweetie. I love the thought of taking painfull face punches and suffering the pain while I think of u during a fight and the thought that your all relaxed with your adorable sexy size 4 feet up. And the fear before the fight. I want to take pain for u misstress T. I’m a sadist as u can realise.”

~ This is actually kind of impressive…”Fight Club” is one of my favorite movies…keep up the good work Boxer!

“My Penis gets very Hard & Erect & I am willing to let you practice your Fellatio & Hand Job with it, in exchange for Lessons.”

~ Haa haaaa ha! You’ll let me PRACTICE giving blow jobs on your penis?! Oh, SO generous.

From a new film slave: “omg..I am such a lucky boy! I wish I could do so much more Mistress T, you have really impacted me in the short time that Ive spent around you. I mean I obviously was very familiar with you long before getting the honor of meeting you and being a film slave and honestly my thoughts have been so completely consumed with thoughts of you. I know I am just a prop, film slave and I love it! but for me, this opportunity has created such a buzz within me.. “

~ Okay, that’s actually very sweet…and a nice way to end things today.

Mistress T

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What will you do…?

Me about 8 years ago when I first got into the business...one of the only pics where you can see my braces!

Me about 8 years ago when I first got into the business…one of the only pics where you can see my braces!

About 8 years ago (about 30 years old) when I started I was already old by industry standards...but you wouldn't have known it.

About 8 years ago (about 30 years old) when I started I was already old by industry standards…but you wouldn’t have known it.

The two most common questions I get asked are:

“How did you get into this?” (As in, how did I become Mistress T, a Dominatrix & adult film performer/producer.)


“What are you going to do…ya know, after?” (As in, what will you do when you’re too old to do this?)

For the first question I created this blog. If you read it from the beginning you will learn the whole interesting story of how I got here. I still get asked a lot but usually I redirect people to my blog for the full story & just give them the super condensed version.

The older I get, the more frequently I get the second question. At 38 I’m already a dinosaur in the porn biz. I know, I look younger and my audience tends to be drawn to “MILF’s” or more mature women but still, there is an expiry date in this profession unlike those who work as doctors or lawyers who can continue to practice when their 80 if they feel like it. It doesn’t matter how they look.

The short answer to the question is simply that I don’t know…and the hippie response is that we can’t really know. It’s one thing to have a plan, but life can throw all kinds of curve balls, good or bad. If you even consider curve balls to be either good or bad…but then I’m really doubling-down on the hippie talk.

I had a whole different life before I got into the adult biz. 12 years ago I would never have imagined I would be where I am. I seriously had no idea. I thought I would probably continue in the office world, climbing the corporate ladder. Sales/marketing, eventually management. Life threw me a few unexpected curve balls and one thing led to another. Here I am.

I love what I do & I have no plans to stop anytime soon…I’ll do this for as long as I want to & for as long as I make a living doing it. That depends on my looks but it also depends on the market & how much file sharing impacts revenues for producers…and I suppose there are other factors I haven’t even thought of. Remember: curve balls.

Sometimes when people ask about my future I know they’re really asking about finances. It’s a personal question that’s not really anyone’s business. We’ve all heard the sad stories of 40 year old strippers or porn stars who blew all their money & have nothing. Similar stories for football players or rock stars I suppose? The adult industry isn’t the only one that pays the young well because their careers are shorter than most.

The obvious answer is to move into more of a producer role, creating content with other people…and that is possible…but only if file sharing or other factors don’t impact the industry so much that money just can’t be made that way. Or maybe I’ll do something else altogether? I had a whole life before this & as a result of my varied experience I have a whole list of transferable skills. I’d love to do work that felt like it was making a positive difference in the world, to help others or our planet. I’m a little bit hippie.

Even if I am financially able to retire I won’t. I enjoy having structure & purpose. I enjoy accomplishing things & being productive.

So for now, I’m here for the long haul. Fear not. Fear not for yourself as you won’t be losing me anytime soon and fear not for me. I have always done well & I’m sure that will always be the case.

Mistress T

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Another pic from about 8 years ago. Fresh on the scene & no idea that Mistress T would become internationally known in the FemDom community. I just had fun & didn't worry about the future:-)

Another pic from about 8 years ago. Fresh on the scene & no idea that Mistress T would become internationally known in the FemDom community. I just had fun & didn’t worry about the future:-)


Upcoming trip to NY & Greece with Meggerz!

Me in NY in 2007! I've been back several times since but I didn't get any typical touristy photo's.

Me in NY in 2007! I’ve been back several times since but I didn’t get any typical touristy photo’s.

Meggerz & I have had a blast together in Vegas. NY & Greece will be EPIC!

Meggerz & I have had a blast together in Vegas. NY & Greece will be EPIC!

The Cupcake Girls suite in Vegas 2014.

We kind of look like we’re going to get up to no good…don’t we? :-)

I have very exciting news! A very generous fan, a financial slave who serves my friend Princess Meggerz (http://clips4sale.com/12252), has covered all expenses for me to fly to NY to meet up with Meggerz & then for both of us to go to Greece on vacation for 2 weeks this summer.

I know, sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? I was skeptical when she first told me about it but I have received my FIRST CLASS tickets to NY & Greece! This guy doesn’t fuck around. He’s treated Meggerz to a couple of these extravagant vacations before so she knew it was for real even when I doubted him. It’s all about the financial domination for him.

So although I’ll be in NY for a few days & I know there are many fans who would like to session with me, I don’t want to be inside a hotel room sessioning the whole time. I love New York & I want to experience it! I already have at least a couple of very generous fans there who want to take me shopping & out on the town, who just want to be in my presence. That’s perfect. I won’t be accepting any 1 hour standard sessions. My time is too limited & valuable. If you really want to see me & you’re willing to make it worth my while, you can throw your hat in the ring via email. Aim to impress.

As for Greece…well, it’s a vacation for Meggerz & I. I wouldn’t rule out seeing a fan under the right circumstances but again, no standard 1 hour sessions. You can propose something via email.

On a side note: I will be doing a big push on filming the first 3 weeks of July in VANCOUVER (before I go on vacation). If you are in Vancouver early/mid July & want to volunteer, I can always use stunt cocks for hand job vids: BIG cocks that cum a lot. I can use loose ass’s to fuck with big toys. Maybe a few other things too. Face not required. You can be headless. Ha ha. Model release/ID for age verification req’d.


Mistress T

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What’s your story?

I had an interesting conversation with someone this week who has a theory that many of those who are into certain fetish or BDSM activities are subconsciously trying to heal old wounds.

What are you into? And WHY?

What are you into? And WHY?

I have specific examples of clients who developed their fetishes based on things that happened when they were young. Not always a negative event, but sometimes. I often ask kinksters who cross my path how they got into what they’re into. I’ve heard many fascinating stories. For example: There is certainly a common theme of guys into humiliation having endured a lot of bullying, rejection or humiliation when they were younger.

Many people say that a person’s sexuality is “hard wired” implying they’re born that way…which I believe is true about sexual orientation, but not so much about fetishes. I don’t think you’re born with a foot fetish, for example. Something usually triggers it. Maybe a hot babysitter making you sniff her dirty feet as punishment at just the right age.

Sometimes one thing leads to another…an interest in being verbally humiliated by women leads to humiliating activities like licking mud off of boots, eating cum, or even more painful activities like getting kicked in the balls. Sometimes the fetishist keeps seeking a greater high or thrill in being humiliated or bullied by women. Sometimes they get ideas from surfing porn on the internet. In an aroused state they stumble across something new & ka-pow, now THAT does it for them too. So one should really go way back to the beginning & try to find the root of the fetish. How it all began. I encourage you all to do that if you haven’t done so already.

I’ve also been watching a show called The Shield and there’s a scene where a straight male cop is made to suck cock at gun point. He’s really messed up by the event and eventually finds himself aroused by rape, then plays out rape fantasies with an escort. It seems for him this is a kind of therapy, a way of processing what happened to him. The timing was interesting for me as it came in the same week as this conversation about healing old wounds through kink play.

I’m a big advocate of acceptance & whatever happens with or between consenting adults is fine. It doesn’t really matter how you got into what you’re into as long as no one is getting hurt (against their will). Being self aware is good and knowing that you’re not alone. I’m pretty sure people who are ONLY into vanilla sex are the minority & the majority of people have at least somewhat deviant fantasies. It doesn’t mean you’re broken, but it can be interesting to figure out how you became the way you are. I encourage you to make a comment here & share your story with your community.

Mistress T

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Blinded, so you can see…

Why this pic? Because he's wearing sunglasses (like a blind guy)...but also because his character helped many of us to empathize with someone (a 'cook') we may have never thought we would empathize with. Walk a mile in someone's shoes...

Why this pic? Because he’s wearing sunglasses (like a blind guy)…but also because his character helped many of us to empathize with someone (a ‘cook’) we may have never thought we would empathize with. Walk a mile in someone’s shoes…

I recently took a friend to an interesting restaurant called “Dark Table“. It’s one of those places where you eat in complete darkness & all the waiters are blind. Have you heard of these places? They are also in other cities like London, Paris, New York & Montreal.

The unique concept is to give the diner the experience of being blind…to empathize with the visually impared & also to note how other senses are enhanced when you can’t see.

I was really excited about trying this place but as soon as we were led into the pitch dark room by our server I felt like I had made a mistake. Sitting in the darkness trying to get my bearings I even felt slight panic. I found my eyes playing tricks on me. I kept thinking I saw light out of the corner of my eye, but there wasn’t any. My friend said the same thing.

I felt around in front of me & identified a little plastic butter packet, plate, fork & knife. The waiter brought a basket of bread & offered us each a piece of bread. He did that by pushing the basket against my breast & holding it there. It was rather ‘familiar’ to have this stranger in the dark holding a basket of bread against my boob & I wondered how much of an accident it was?

My friend & struggled buttering our bread in the dark & I laughed at how this must look…but when I realized no one could see I gave up caring how evenly the butter was smeared.

When the salad came I found the food kept falling off my fork. I worried there was going to be salad everywhere like when a 2 year old eats & flails food all over the place. I then brought the bowl up to my face & started shoveling the food into my mouth. Table manners? Gone! I had food all over my chin & said fuck it as I literally licked the bowl clean.

All the while my friend & I are trying to carry on a normal conversation while also discussing the food & trying to figure out what we were eating. Did the blindness effect the taste of the food? I think it was meant to, and it was delicious but it wasn’t profound or anything like that.

The drinks came & I was surprised they actually gave me a real wine glass (as he pushed it against my breast). I half expected a sippy cup or something. I was so glad to have wine that I protected that wine glass like breaking it would have cost me a limp.

The salad was a surprise (& not just because he also pushed it against my boob) but the main course we chose before coming into the dark so we knew what to expect, more or less. The big plate of hot food seemed daunting when I realized the food wasn’t pre-cut into bite sizes. I brought a large chunk of potato up to my mouth & struggled to get it all in like an idiot. It was a fucking potato, I just needed to bite it but I was afraid that the part I didn’t get in my mouth would drop & cause some kind of carnage. I imagined it hitting the other food on the plate & splashing god know what all over me or it might ricochet off & hit my wine glass. There was no fucking way I was going to let that happen.

I struggled through the main course with food all over my face & hands even though I was trying to use my utensils. I had been going at it for several minutes before I discovered a green string bean that I had no idea was on my plate. I wondered what else I had missed?

There was still a lot of food on my plate (and everywhere else) by the time I gave up & let the waiter take my plate away. He didn’t touch my boob that time. Probably because he suspected it was covered in food shrapnel.

The dessert came & I only had one bite. I was full & tired of the struggle. It tasted too sweet. I just finished my wine. At this time one of the other diners turned the light on her phone for some reason & I thought there was going to be riot as the other diners yelled at her. My friend, desperate for information asked what I saw from my angle when the light went on. How big was the place, etc.? Hilarious.

We were led to a dimly lite room to pay the bill & then left. I’m glad I went & I would recommend it but I doubt I’ll return.

What I loved about the experience is that it got me thinking about what it would really be like to be someone else for a day? There have been movies done on that concept. Mrs. Doubtfire & Tootsie (men experiencing what it’s like to be a woman), Trading Places (The rich experiencing what it’s like to be poor & vice versa), etc.

Empathy is the capacity to recognize emotions that are being experienced by another sentient or fictional being. One may need to have a certain amount of empathy before being able to experience accurate sympathy or compassion.”

I encourage you to take a moment today & put yourself in someones shoes. Even better if it’s someone that you would normally dislike or judge. A different gender, sexual orientation, race, economic position, weight, health, etc. There are always going to be people who have it better than you & people who are going to have it worse…and you can always find something to feel thankful for. A dose of empathy & gratitude is a good thing *smile*.

Mistress T

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Spontanious LA Trip!

This will be one of those stories I will cherish in my golden years.

Less than a week ago my girlfriend & I were at the Lana Del Ray concert. We were discussing how we unfortunately missed out on the Die Antwoord concert a few days earlier. My girlfriend got a sparkle in her eye & started to check their tour schedule online. We decided to catch them in LA later that week.

I’m pretty busy with work & life in Vancouver at the moment so couldn’t really go for long. I knew I could stay longer in LA & make it a work trip, take some sessions, do some filming, but with my girlfriend with me I decided to just make it a quick, fun trip. I did post it on twitter, giving fans a chance to meet me casually. I’ve had a lot of great experiences meeting fans in person. I get to pick their brains & gather information to fuck with all of your heads! (insert evil laughter here).

So we got up at an ungodly hour & took a 6am flight to LA. We went straight from the airport to Universal Studios. I love fun stuff like this, roller coasters/rides, Disneyland, haunted houses, big, soft mascots *grin*. I love the creativity, a few minutes inside a cave or riding a boat down a canal, pirates, outer space, the wild west, a jungle, an animated universe, etc.




After a great day at Universal (SO much fun! I screamed like a little girl on The Simpson’s 4D ride!) we went to the hotel my girlfriend booked. Frankly, I would have been fine with a Motel 6 but she chose a fancy place that felt quite decadent. I took some selfies for ya:



We chilled for a bit, rested our feet, showered…then we got picked up for dinner. The lucky fan who had seen my tweet & applied to meet me was fantastic. He chose an amazing restaurant & the conversation was fascinating. He tributed generously for the pleasure of meeting the Goddess he’d been jerking to for years.

After dinner my girlfriend and I went to the concert. It was well worth the trip. Powerful stuff.


Two sleepy girls went back to the hotel right after the concert (no crazy all-night partying stories this time). We were up early again the next morning to catch our flight back to Vancouver. 24 hours in LA!

Mistress T

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Casting call! (No experience req’d)

Although I have worked with professionals a few times in the past I film almost exclusively with fans & personal friends/lovers. That means that YOU could have a chance to be in my films. Pretty thrilling, eh?

Here’s everything you need to know:

#1. At this time I’m only filming in Vancouver, BC, Canada. If you aren’t here or coming here in the next month please do NOT email me asking if I’m planning to come to your city. I film in the UK in the spring & fall. Other than that, these days I’m only filming in Vancouver.

#2.  I’m currently looking for film slaves for the following roles:

- Stunt cocks for hand job vids & possible intercourse (bulls in cuckolding scenes). You must have a BIG/THICK, fully functioning cock. That means you can get erect, stay erect & ejaculate fairly easily. I can work with premature ejaculators but I can’t work with guys that are super difficult to get off. I need cum shots. Any race or age (18-60) is fine if you have a good body for filming: not super hairy & no big tummies. Of course, the better looking you are the more interested I’m going to be. Video is a visual medium!

>BONUS if you show your face on film and/or are okay getting your cock sucked by another dude.

Mistress T with a huge cock.

Big cocks & huge cum loads make me HAPPY!

Black bulls with BBC given preference...naturally:-)

Black bulls with BBC given preference…naturally:-)

- Cuckolds who suck cock & will eat cum (not cream pies as I only have condom-covered sex in Vancouver). This is the opposite of the stunt cock. I don’t care how hairy/fat or ugly you are & the smaller & more useless your dick is the better! You must be okay with being humiliated & showing your face on film. Bonus if you can take it in the butt (strap-on).

Mistress T in a cuckolding scene.

My sissy, cuckold hubby fluffs a bigger cock for me…

Cuckolding, cocksucking filmed with Mistress T.

Screenshot from a cuckolding vid with ‘Encouraged Bi’ for my site.

- Strap-on bottoms: do you have a gaping slut hole that can handle very large insertions? Great! I don’t really care what you look like but bonus if you’re attractive, have a functioning cock & show your face. Must be able to take HUGE toys in your butt.

Mistress T with a large strap-on.

Giant strap-on scene for my site. Wow, right?

Mistress T & Deviant Kade

Deviant Kade taking my big black dick…

- Facsitting/ass worship slaves & pony boys (scenes for Club Stiletto): must show face.

You could be this human furniture/face seat cushion smothered under my ass...but without a mask, obviously. See how the hood kind of ruins it?

You could be this human furniture/face seat cushion smothered under my ass…but without a mask, obviously. See how the hood kind of ruins it?

Mistress T pony riding.

A nice day for a ride on the Club Stiletto pony!

Would I REALLY be talking on the phone?!

Ass worship! Get in there!

My club Stiletto Pony in front of Clips4sale booth

My Club Stiletto Pony in front of Clips4sale booth. (Shoulder riding)

#3. I don’t pay males in my vids. I figure that getting to hang out with me & do kinky stuff is enough of a treat…and a great opportunity for those who can’t afford a private session. Also, with a reference from me you could have a chance to film with other Goddess’s like Kandy Kink, Miss Jasmine, Bijou Steal, Sasha Mizaree, etc…I also have on occasion whored out my ‘film slaves’ to girlfriends for personal fun (not filmed).

#4. You must be over 18, be photographed holding your photo ID beside your face + sign a model release (even if you don’t show your face in the vid). These records are kept VERY secure & would only ever be used if YOUR age or consent was every questioned by the proper authorities…so probably never, but by law I need to collect it, so I do.

#5. To apply send a brief, polite email with the following:

- state that you are in Vancouver or the dates you will or can be here. (Again, I film in Vancouver only at this time). I won’t cover your travel expenses.

- list exactly what you’re willing to do/interested in doing on film. (Suck cock? Take a big strap-on? Want to be a ‘bull’?)

- include appropriate photo’s (clear nude torso with erect penis, try using the bathroom mirror). Include your face if you’re willing to go unmasked.

- DO NOT send a long flowery, complimentary email or try to engage me in sexy email chat. This part is all business for me. I’m coordinating scenes & filling roles. It’s personal when it’s in person but email is logistical. Be respectful of my time & to the point.

Email address: MsT@MistressT.net

Mistress T

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UK: Spring Trip 2014

Mmmm...England, it was nice to be inside you again...

Mmmm…England, it was nice to be inside you again…

I’ve just returned from my spring trip to the UK. I go to the UK every spring & fall to film content & connect with Sidonia Von Bork from The English Mansion & my kinky friends.

This was a fun-filled & relaxing trip. More like a vacation than anything. Lots of wonderful meals out, exploring the English countryside & adorable little villages, going to spa’s, hanging out in the hot tub, etc.

I spent most of my time outside of the city of London but I did come in for one perfectly executed night. I arrived by train, a fan picked me up & took me to get measured for custom boots, took me for lunch & then dropped me at my hotel where I had a couple of awesome sessions. I actually came into London specifically for a special regular client who comes to the UK from another European country just to see me…which is surprisingly common. Guys come from Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands, etc. just to see me when I’m in the UK. I love that!

My one evening in London I went for dinner with a good friend & thoroughly enjoyed rich conversation. At this point of my life I’d rather really connect with someone & go on a quiet midnight stroll around Notting Hill than go out clubbing. The next morning the fan from the day before picked me up & took me lingerie & chocolate shopping, then to Camden Town for shopping & sight seeing…then lunch before dropping me off at the train station. It was so wonderful to have a chauffeur & tour guide! My quick trip into London couldn’t have gone more perfectly.

Me being chauffeured around London...lingerie & chocolates!

Me being chauffeured around London…lingerie & chocolates!

I had such a lovely time in the UK, relaxing while also being productive filming awesome smut for my site, The English Mansion & Nikki Whiplash…I didn’t want to come home to Vancouver & face the mess at my new apartment. I moved less than a week before I left for the UK & as I type this blog I’m surrounded by chaos. I have a lot of work ahead of me unpacking & settling into my new home. For the moment, lets look at pics from my trip & look forward to my next trip in the fall!

A few snaps from my day with Nikki Whiplash who I’ve had the pleasure of filming with often in the past. You can find me on her ballbusting site as well as facesitting & some other fun stuff:

Nikki Whiplash & I reunited for kinky exploits.

Nikki Whiplash & I reunited for kinky exploits.

Still want to get between her thighs? Beware of Nikki Whiplash's severe scissors!

Still want to get between her thighs? Beware of Nikki Whiplash’s severe scissors!

Action shot & tweet about Nikki & I ballbusting this perv. (Follow Niiki Whiplash on twitter! She probably won't smash your nuts.)

Action shot & tweet about Nikki & I ball busting this perv. (Follow Nikki Whiplash on twitter! She probably won’t smash your nuts.)

I love the diabolical mind of Sidonia Von Bork who never runs out of creative ways to use & torment slaves. We always have a blast!

Inescapable bondage & no one to hear his screams...Sidonia Von Bork & I prepare our toy...

Inescapable bondage & no one to hear his screams…Sidonia Von Bork & I prepare our toy…

Ah, the foolish smile of a slave who doesn't know what Sidonia Von Bork has in store for him...

Ah, the nervous smile of a slave who doesn’t know what Sidonia Von Bork has in store for him…


…presenting: Slave in a sac! You could win him & a new dinette…spin the wheel!


Tickle fight?




Whipping is even more fun than knitting!


Lots of comfy furniture to sit on…but noooo…I chose the face of some weirdo jerking off in a cage…seems reasonable…

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