BIO - Who is Mistress T?

Getting to know me:


I am Canadian born & raised. I currently live in Vancouver, BC

Height: 5 feet tall

Weight: 100 pounds

Shoe size: US size 4 (VERY small)

Real eye color: Blue

Real hair color: dirty blonde (I don't color or highlight my hair at all) A lot of guys think I'm a red head or a strawberry blonde because of my freckles and pale skin.

My fam has lived in Canada for many generations but I am likely German decent with a mix of English, Irish and other European breeds.

I don't speak any other language fluently but I understand a bit of many from my travels. I have traveled a fair bit:

-India twice, backbacking for 2 months each time, the first time alone, the second with my partner.

-Thailand 3 times, usually alone and backpacking for a month at a time.

-Cuba for 3 weeks backpacking, alone half the time.

-Brazil & Argentina for 2 months, backpacking alone half the time.

-Tokya, Japan

-Maui, Hawaii (short vacation with my ***)

-Mexico (short vacations with friends)

-Cambodia (backpacked for a few days with a friend)

-London, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin (2 months with my partner)

-All over Canada and many time places in the US (New York, Boston, LA, San Fran, Oregon, Denver, Las Vegas, Reno, Texas, Seattle, etc.)


How did I get into this?

Of course this is a longer story with many more details but I'll sum it up as briefly as possible. I have always had a unique way of thinking. Even though I was raised in rural farm country where men ruled I felt that things should at least be more equal if not the other way around. I was also very sexual and curious from a young age. I left as soon as I could, moved away, started to travel, looked for work that was challenging. I was a sponge for life experiences. I didn't mind taking risks or even 'failing', it was all interesting for me.

I worked mostly conservative office jobs in sales & marketing as I put myself through school part time (sales, marketing, public relations, business) but I didn't fit in there. Sure, I was entertaining to have around because I had a sense of adventure and my sales were always high because I was agressive & competitive but I still didn't fit in.

For most of my 20's I went from one job to another, not fitting in, from one relationship to another, growing bored quickly, I lived to travel and I was searching, getting to know my true self.

In my late 20's I started seeking 'different' work. I sold tequila shooters naked on a nude beach (more of a hippie thing than a sex thing), I was a topless poker dealer, I put on a wig and pretended to be someone else and I stripped for a little while (I loved being on stage), I started my own business selling no-contact masturbation shows from my home (charging men to watch me masturbate), then I started offering fetish stuff (foot worship, spankings, etc.) and bit-by-bit I became a very successful Pro Domme...then came video and here I am.


Today, at age 34, I spend most of my time filming, editing and running the business with my partner. I love it and am happier than I've ever been. When we're not working we enjoy eating...dining out of cooking at home. I love food and although I eat very healthy food most of the time, I eat a lot. We also go to fetish parties every couple of months, socialize with friends, read, go for walks...hmmm, ya know, we actually work most of the time!


Favorite authors: Kurt Vonnegut, Tom Robbins, Chuck Palahniuk.

Favorite TV shows (at the moment): Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, True censored, Dexter, Lie To Me, South Park/fam Guy, The Daily Show/Colbert, any CSI or Law & Order.

Favorite movies of all time: Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, The Never Ending Story, The Princess Bride, Wild Orchid, Lolita, Casablanca, Snatch, Forrest Gump, Goodfella's...

Favorite foods: Thai green or red curry, rare steak, salad, beets, mango, very dark chocolate, coffee, white truffle sauce, strawberries...

Favorite boozy drinks: Red wine (dry, smooth & ful bodied...California Zin), Champagne (dry, little bubbles), vodka/soda/lime.