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Invalid Hubby's Tease 2

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Days are turning into weeks now as the reality of your new hell sinks in. Your vengeful wife will tease you sexually for the rest of your life and will never let you cum. You're unable to move or speak. There's nothing you can do. Today she is wearing a sexy lace net body stocking. Her round ass looks so amazing you almost blow your load as soon as she turns around and bends over. Her wicked laughter cuts deep, she knows how much your suffering. You wish you'd never cheated on her and gotten in that car accident. You'd do anything to be able to fuck her right now...and her telling you how she's fucking your best friend now too...pure hell...still, her teasing sessions are the most exciting part of your life now. Painful but exciting...and she looks so happy when you're suffering...this is TEASE & DENIAL at it's most extreme!