I'm having trouble joining

(If you are having ANY problem with my site please review the following):

  • When clicking the JOIN button you should have a popup and be able to join. (See this page on how to join)
  • Ensure you have cookies enabled on your browser.
  • Ensure you have javascript enabled on your browser.
  • Ensure you are using the latest version of your browser (update your browser to the latest version of Firefox/Internet Explorer/Safari). ***FIREFOX is strongly recommended as the best browser to use for my site. If you have IE or Safari please try Firefox.***
  • Try restarting your browser. (When in doubt restarting your computer often fixes problems.)

STANDARD members wanting PREMIUM membership: log in, click ACCOUNT at top right corner by log in. Choose PREMIUM from drop down and click to order. Complete payment through Verotel then cancel the recurring option on your standard membership through Verotel.

***IMPORTANT***: If you email me asking for assistance confirm that you have read this FAQ first and then explain in as much detail as possible what is happening. I need info to troubleshoot. MsT@MistressT.net