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A Message For Incels

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There's been a lot in the news lately about "Incels" (involuntary celibate). I created this little vid for those who identify as incels. It's not mean or humiliating. It is not meant to be used for masturbation.

Skydiving June 2017

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Here's my skydive vid from June 2017. Is it sexy? No. Is it kind of funny? I think so. The equipment malfunction left me scrambling during the jump & freefall to keep my goggles & helmet from blowing off my face. Maybe you'll get a kick out of it:-)

This adventure was a birthday present from one of my most devoted & generous distance slaves. He knows who he is: Thanks!

Happy Holidays From Mistress T 2016

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This is just a casual little vid thanking my fans for being so supportive...& also some hopefully helpful ideas to help those who are struggling get through the holidays.

Here's my blog post with more helpful stuff:


Mistress T

T-Time Sex Ed 6: Online Profile Pics

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This is a free vid with some tips on what kinds of pics are best for your online profile.

T-Time Sex Ed 5: Dick Size

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This is a free vid discussing penis size.

Feel free to share this vid anywhere.

T-Time Sex Ed 4: Condoms

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Some guys struggle using condoms for sex. This vid gives you some tips on masturbating with condoms to get used to them...& other stuff.

This is a free vid to be shared anywhere!

T-Time Sex Ed 3: Online conduct & dick pics

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This is a vid that mostly gives men tips on how to interact with women online...but most of it applies to everyone. Not that most women need to be told to not send other women unsolicited dick pics...maybe this will help women to have the discussion with men about this. Educate each other, your male Fam members, your guy firneds....spread it far and wide: women do not want to receive unsolicited dick pics. So, cut it out.


This is a free vid. You have my permission to share it anywhere & I encourage it.

Asking for future topics is also free:

T-Time Sex Ed 2: Pussy Licking Tips

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This vid is about better pussy licking & why being good at orally pleasuring a woman is important...for you!


This is a free vid, share it wherever you like.

It's also free to make a request for future topics:

T-Time Sex Ed 1: Intro

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This is the first in an on-going series (hopefully) of FREE vids aimed at educating people (especially men) on various topics, like sex tips, tips on approaching women online, safe sex, etc.

Please feel free to share these vids sites, YouTube, other people's blogs: anywhere. They are FREE.

Also feel free to write & request topics for me to cover, that's also free:

Holiday 2015

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Here's a little casual vid to say thanks to my fans for a great scenes with friends I met up with recently on a road trip in the US.


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