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Skydiving June 2017

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Here's my skydive vid from June 2017. Is it sexy? No. Is it kind of funny? I think so. The equipment malfunction left me scrambling during the jump & freefall to keep my goggles & helmet from blowing off my face. Maybe you'll get a kick out of it:-)

This adventure was a birthday present from one of my most devoted & generous distance slaves. He knows who he is: Thanks!

Happy Holidays From Mistress T 2016

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This is just a casual little vid thanking my fans for being so supportive...& also some hopefully helpful ideas to help those who are struggling get through the holidays.

Here's my blog post with more helpful stuff:


Mistress T

T-Time Sex Ed 6: Online Profile Pics

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This is a free vid with some tips on what kinds of pics are best for your online profile.

T-Time Sex Ed 5: Dick Size

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This is a free vid discussing penis size.

Feel free to share this vid anywhere.

T-Time Sex Ed 4: Condoms

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Some guys struggle using condoms for sex. This vid gives you some tips on masturbating with condoms to get used to them...& other stuff.

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