Public Boot Licker

mp4 221.01 MB

Oh the shame of public humiliation! You can almost feel the heat off of his burning cheeks as he kneels on the ground and licks the filth from the bottoms of my sexy boots...you will see people walking by gawking at him, you might even pick up some audio of people just out of frame talking about him. It was broad daylight, middle of the afternoon in a busy part of the city. This was not staged, this is 100% REAL candid public humiliation/boot worship.
Length: 7 minutes

Poolside Public Foot Worship

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This slave loves my shoes & feet so much he's willing to humiliate himself by worshiping them in public, at a busy hotel pool where people watch & laugh at him...many beautiful women especially (you can hear them laughing in the background if you listen for it). Note: I am careful to not get people's faces in the vid for their privacy but you see enough feet & hear enough voices to know there are a lot of people there. If you're into public humiliation this vid is awesome.
Length: 6 minutes