Toilet Slut POV

wmv 179.4 MB

Where do you belong? Below me. What are you waiting for? Get in there!
Length: 5 minutes

Forest Toilet Paper Duty

wmv 127.97 MB

A toilet slave comes in handy in the woods when there's no washroom or toilet paper around around. I instruct you on how to thoroughly clean me after nature has called.
Length: 3 minutes

Public P Voyeur

wmv 270.07 MB

It's my BIRTHDAY! Since I am in London, drinking and partying for my birthday I thought I'd put up this great P collage clip. If you were with me right now you would be expected to do your duty as my toilet slave and you would have a lot of work to do! Today is a great day to show your appreciation and devotion by making BIG clip orders. I will notice. (This clip contains all original content. Only the first part has a slave watching me, the rest are all POV style talking directly to you. 2 have no audio.)

Public Toilet POV

wmv 126.61 MB

If you were lucky enough to be a slave who gets to accompany my friends and I on a night out you would be expected to act as my toilet and toilet paper. You can't expect a Princess to use those nasty public toilets! Wank to this clip as I instruct you on serving me as my toilet and toilet matter where we are.

Pee Funnel Duo

wmv 211.86 MB

Look who it is: It's Kristy from the Goddess Party! I received so much fan mail about her I decided to give you a little more of her. In this POV clip you'll be fitted with a head harness pee funnel. You'll put the tube in your mouth and swallow every drop of what we give you. Toilet sluts will love this! You can jerk your weenie thinking about being my 24/7 toilet bitch, for me and all my sexy girlfriends. As usual, shot in HD with great lighting and audio. Super high quality so you feel like you are right there.

Below Me

wmv 174.07 MB

That's right, below me, exactly where you belong. You were born to serve me as my toilet slave. To drink every drop of my essence. Good boy.

Lick Up My Golden Nectar

wmv 98.81 MB

You've been spoiled will all my POV toilet clips. Download this one to prove how much you love my golden nectar. As my toilet, instead of being directly below me under my toilet with mouth open wide to receive and swallow every'll watch, painfully close and then be ordered to lick it up off the bathtub.