Moms Little Toilet Pervert

wmv 203.41 MB

(By special request from one of my special MILF's boys.) I catch you hiding in the shower trying to peek at me (your MILF!) while I go to the washroom. You get a stern talking to before I dish out your punishment: you'll be on special toilet duty until further notice! You'll have to be my toilet paper and clean me up perfectly each time I go to the washroom. Get started right now young man.
Length: 5 minutes

Lick Up My Golden Nectar

wmv 98.81 MB

You've been spoiled will all my POV toilet clips. Download this one to prove how much you love my golden nectar. As my toilet, instead of being directly below me under my toilet with mouth open wide to receive and swallow every'll watch, painfully close and then be ordered to lick it up off the bathtub.

Rain Dance

wmv 112.97 MB

A glitzy visual feast for golden nectar fans and toilet fetishists. Mistress T gives a sensual dance before letting her champagne flow. Nice close ups with HD camera and great lighting. Don't sit too close to the screen: you might get splashed!