Cruel Cocktease Part 2

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If you watched part 1 you'll know the story line: I pick up a dork from the bar and make him think I'm going to fuck him. Instead, I tie him to the bed, administrer a little CBT, tease the hell out of him then...I bring in THE BULL! I make the dork watch me get fucked by a real man, teasing him that if he really wants my pussy he'll take it what ever way I give it to him. You get to see a clear cum shot before I ram that meat back in my pussy to catch the rest of that sticky load. Still tied to the bed I make the dork eat the cream pie (no editing between the cumshot and the cream pie eating so you know it's the real, salty deal). That should have been enough but this clip is called 'Cruel Cocktease' for a reason. I then make the dork think I'm going to finally let him cum by jerking off on my pretty little feet. Ha! No dice sucker! Just before he cums I make him stop and kick him out. Blue balls for you loser!
Length: 10 minutes