Ballbusting With Jasmine

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Vancouver Dominatrix Miss Jasmine joins me for some ballbusting fun! She has powerful, muscular legs from years of kickboxing! (Click to see more of Miss Jasmine)
Length: 8 minutes

Epic Group Humiliation

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6 gorgeous, Dominant women! All having a few drinks & laughs at your expense. Can you imagine being stripped naked, exposed & toyed with...your body picked apart & made fun of, your penis ridiculed...if they made your stroke & get hard in front of them only to laugh at how small your penis still is even when erect! Then made to kneel behind another man & simulate gay sex acts! Crazy! (Click to see more of Kandy Kink from Club Stiletto...also Mistress Holly & the other ladies) ... (Click to see more of Miss Jasmine) .... (Click to see more of Mistress Xi) .... (Click to see more of Bijou Steal)
Length: 11 minutes