Transformed Into The Perfect Sub Boyfriend

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In response to you trying to break up with me I put you under a spell & seduce you into submitting to me. I brainwash you into doing all the things a perfect pussy-whipped boyfriend would do. You'll learn to please me sexually, to be my ideal sex'll always put my needs before yours & you will feel pure joy when you do things that make me happy.
Length: 12 minutes

Pantyhose Will Be Your Undoing

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Well, well Bond, you've finally caught up to me. The Dominatrix responsible for so many missing men. You know I did it but you don't know how I did it? Let me change into something more comfortable & I'll tell you all about it. Oh, you seem mesmerized by my pantyhose...go ahead, have a good look. It's just the two of us here, no harm in having a bit of fun before you take me in. Go on, touch them...smell my feet & crotch...glorious, isn't it? You're becoming so's as if you're under a spell...give into it...but beware, if you ejaculate all will go dark & you will find out, finally, what happened to all of my other victims...
Length: 15 minutes