Female Domination

Slave Girl Audition (Part 4): Sex Slaves!

mp4 529.28 MB

If you've been following the Slave Girl series you'll know that she was a generous gift from Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion during my recent trip to the UK. (Find more of me on The English Mansion here: http://www.theenglishmansion.com/mistress.html?id=135) BOTH of these sex slaves were gifts actually and Sidonia Von Bork makes an appearance in this vid as she delivers the slaves and instructs them to not disappoint her. I thoroughly enjoyed them both!
Length: 18 minutes

Hot Sex Ed Teacher

mp4 304.09 MB

His grades have been dropping in my sex ed class. He's either distracted and needs help focusing or he needs a hands-on demonstration. Either way, his grades are about to improve as I take my pleasure.
Length: 10 minutes

Hurt Your Own Balls

mp4 476.53 MB

Let's get INTERACTIVE! You'll be expected to do more than just whack off to this vid, you'll be expected to whack yourself in the balls. Self-abuse is on the menu as I instruct you to punch & slap and squeeze your nuts. I want to know your balls are sore & swelling as I enjoy my lover in the next room. Your suffering will turn me on. (A bit of a cuckolding storyline in this cruel but sensual FemDom vid.) (This is a custom vid. No names are used so anyone can enjoy it. To order your own special vid email: MsT@MistressT.net. Rates start at $100.)
Length: 16 minutes

Sensual Ball Busting Strip Tease

mp4 370.52 MB

If you don't think that kicking a guy in the nuts can be sensual, you need to watch this vid. For each piece of clothing I remove my slave must endure a certain number of kicks. To see my body, he has to endure pain. He has to suffer to get some pleasure...He's rewarded and given a small break from the pain to worship my feet...but will he ultimately be rewarded what he wants most? To see my breasts? How much will he suffer?
Length: 12 minutes

Beautiful But Cruel

mp4 249.47 MB

CRUEL, cutting, mean verbals. What I say to this slave will give you chills. Heavy, mind-fucking degradation. I'm a real bitch. Oh, and boot worship.
Length: 8 minutes

Learn Orgasm Control

mp4 309.09 MB

This is a sensual & intense vid as my poor slave rides the edge of an orgasm...I bring him close and then stop over and over training him to learn orgasm control...
Length: 10 minutes

Ruined, Denied & Ruined AGAIN

mp4 413.24 MB

This vid is intense! The slave gets double teamed by the bombshell Nikki Whiplash & I...he's edged & teased...brought to the edge of orgasm over & over...as he starts to ejaculate I ruin his orgasm (hard ball slapping)...then bring him right to the brink & DENY him...then I work him up again just to ruin his orgasm AGAIN! (Click to see more of Nikki Whiplash) I will be taking private & filmed sessions solo or with Mistress Whiplash at her dungeon in Hammersmith, UK Oct 20-23, 2012. Read this before emailing: (Click to see my blog entry about my UK trip)
Length: 14 minutes

Mean Ruined Orgasm

mp4 116.1 MB

"So, you want me to jerk you off? No problem, as long as you're tied down." This slave did not request or want a ruined orgasm. He was not warned that I might do this to him. You'll see an authentic 'freak out' reaction as I milk his cock and then continue jerking his sensitive cock laughing as he thrashes around trying to get loose, begging me to stop, making retarded faces...I take no mercy but I do take great pleasure from his suffering. RUINED ORGASM for him...HAPPY ENDING for ME!
Length: 4 minutes

Erotic Assassins: Final Fuck

mp4 352.72 MB

They don't call me the EROTIC assassin for nothing. My victim finds himself immobilized & unable to scream...yet highly aroused. I use him for my pleasure and get my trophy (sperm sample) before sitting on his face and taking his breath away....all of his breath.
Length: 12 minutes

Sex Slave PreParty Milking

mp4 245.57 MB

This is a visually decadent LEATHER GLOVE HANDJOB vid...WITH shiny cloths & rubber/latex. The story line is deliciously hot...my trained sex slave will be expected to perform all evening, pleasuring all of my high society female friends...bored wives of rich men who come to my parties for sexual relief & debauchery. He is milked to ensure he doesn't have any accidents. These women are interested in a hard cock that stays hard all evening, not his spunk.
Length: 8 minutes