neck fetish

Belt Around Your Neck 3

mp4 316.83 MB

Your heart is already beating a little faster just seeing that I've released another one of these 'belt' clips, isn't it? You love the interactive element of these MASTURBATION INSTRUCTIONS. You love the thrill of doing something just a little bit makes you feel a little more alive, doesn't it? It gives you a rush! This time I want you to get that belt ready and follow my instructions to the letter....imagine that I'm right there with you, it's MY HANDS on your belt and MY hands around your neck....
Length: 11 minutes

Squeeze Your Neck & Dick

mp4 188.2 MB

The thrill of doing something just a little bit dangerous...imagining that it's my leather gloved hand around your neck... I want you to squeeze your own neck as you jerk off...follow my instructions carefully for a very intense experience. Don't worry, you're in 'good hands'.
Length: 6 minutes