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My Sweet Cuckold

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This is a very loving cuckold POV vid. I'm not mean & I don't humiliate you. There is very subtle small penis humiliation, barely humiliation tho. You are my honey, my partner & I love you...& although you are also my cuckold, you do get to fuck me. You want me to be sexually satisfied but you know you don't have the equipment. It even turns you on thinking about me being with other men. I get you to warm me up with your mouth & small penis before my lover comes over...then I get you to come clean me up after he's fucked me with this huge cock. I even want you to fuck me after he has, even though I can barely feel you now with my pussy all stretched. It's still nice to feel connected to you & I know it turns you on to feel the change in my pussy....after a larger cock has been in there & it's all lubricated with another man's cum...
Length: 14 minutes