Sensory Deprivation

Latex Lust-Part 2

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This is the sexy conclusion to Latex Lust-Part 1. After more teasing with her hands and various implements Mistress T uses her confined slave as a mattress while she pleasures herself.

Latex Lust-Part 1

wmv 282.72 MB

In Part 1 of Latex Lust Mistress T gets lubed up in her sexy latex outfit with a little help from her servant. She then zips him into the Latex Vac Bed and sensually teases him with her hands, body and various implements. The lucky slave can see nothing, hear very little, can not move and only has a small hole to breath through. Every touch through the latex is intensified. Note: When the noisy vacuum goes on to suck all the air out of the latex envelope the audio goes off. It is silent. This is a must have for latex/rubber fetishists and fans of sensory deprivation/extreme bondage. Very erotic.