MILF Addresses Your BBC Fetish

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Custom vid, no name mentioned. I've caught you jerking off to interracial porn again...I decide it's time to have a little chat about your fascination with big black cock. We talk about your insecurities around having a smaller white penis & I explain that not everyone has a porn sized monster cock....& that you have other things to offer like a mouth & hands. We explore the possibility that you want to suck those big black cocks, that maybe you're really a white fag for "N***er cock". We also talk about how you're still attracted to women, even me, your own "MILF" & how naughty that is...that maybe you would want to be my cuckold & suck those black cocks fresh from my pussy...(This is a jerk off instruction/masturbation encouragement by a loving but boundary-pushing sexy MILF, the woman raising you. No real small penis humiliation, I'm more trying to make you feel better about being averaged sized.)

Length: 11 minutes


Asian Slave Training

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This is not really racial 'humiliation'. This is more about finding the positive qualities of being Asian & how that makes you more appealing as a slave to Dominant women. Compared to other ethnicities you tend to be smooth/hairless, slender & with less body odor. That your penis size makes it easier for you to fit into chastity. I explain how you may never be an alpha male, bull or stud but if you devote your life to pleasing women in other ways, with your mouth or hands for example, you can still be very useful. If you set your mind to serving that you can find a joy in that intimacy. It includes a sensual masturbation instruction with countdown while I train you to be highly aroused by the idea of sexually serving a Dominant woman...brain washing you into a new mind set, to find joy & satisfaction from putting a woman's needs before yours, the idea of pleasing a woman with your mouth...

From the guy who ordered this custom vid:

"Great video! I really enjoyed it; I even enjoyed some of things that I didn't realize I was into. A lot of it really resonated with me.

I hope this does appeal to more people than just Asians. Once you get past the Asian parts in the beginning, its just a goddess worship video for men who aren't "studs" as you put it. I don't know if there has ever been a video quiet like this. It's really refreshing. I read an article the other day that kind of like how woman are being told they need to be razor thin; men are also feeling pressured to look like body builders. Which for some men simply isn't realistic..."

Length: 17 minutes