Meet Me In Vancouver

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The is a custom vid for a fan who is coming to Vancouver to meet me...but it's general enough that anyone who even fantasizes or plans to come to Vancouver to meet me in the flesh would love it. As I describe what spending time with me would be like I will charm you & seduce you. Deepen your addiction to me as I draw you even more tightly into my web:-) Here's some links that are referenced in this vid (other ways to learn more about me, see lots of pics of me, where to go to tribute me presents, etc.): (Click to go to my Amazon Wish List) xxx (Click to go to my TWITTER feed) xxx (Click to go to my BLOG)
Length: 15 minutes

Ice Queen Takes Your Power

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Attention weak males of Earth, it's time for you to wank for your Queen. There is no point in trying to resist, already my powers have grown so intense that you are practically a jerk addict. Every time you orgasm I become more powerful. I am feeding off of you, stealing your life force, using you as fuel. Yet, even knowing this you can not stop. You can't even look away. You happily stroke & spunk gazing upon me as if in a spell. Your cock springs to life at the mere thought of me...even now, you are already building up a nice load for me...give it to me!
Length: 10 minutes

Catwoman Defeats Batman

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Custom vid, no name mentioned...well, I refer to you as Batman, so if you're into imagining you're Batman you'll love this. You, Batman, have been captured by me, Catwoman. I'm taking over Gotham & it will be ruled by women from now on. I'm recording this for everyone in Gotham to see. I'll be snipping off your manhood, but before I do I'll allow you one last orgasm. You're going to humiliate yourself by jerking off like a common pervert in front of all of Gotham...then snip-snip! (MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with lots of teasing.)
Length: 10 minutes

Defeated and Ball Busted

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Storyline: A defeated super hero has to endure cruel ball busting at the feet of a sexy Super Villain/Femme Fatal.
Length: 4 minutes

Ultimate Ass Worship

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All pleasure comes with a price...sometimes the ULTIMATE PRICE. What looks like just hot facesitting with a hand job may be something much more sinister. What would you sacrifice to cum by my hand with my pussy & ass on your face...? Hmmm?
Have you seen my public blog?
Length: 7 minutes