Toilet Humiliation

Taboo: Eat It!

wmv 381.69 MB

WARNING: Potentially offensive terms. This is a race-related fetish clip designed for non-white men who want to be degraded by a Superior White Goddess. If you don't mind the 'N' word than you will probably enjoy the FULL TOILET theme of this clip. I talk about making you eat my ****. BUT you will NOT have the pleasure of watching my little pink asshole stretched open by that brown log...because I know you will jerk off imagining that is your dick stretching open my tight hole. I'm going to 'go' while wearing my panties. You will cum while looking at the bulge in my panties and THEN....AFTER you cum, you will be encouraged to eat the contents of my panties. I know when you're horny and wanting to cum you'll do anything I tell you to. I want to make sure that your suffering is authentic. You'll eat it AFTER you have an orgasm! Ha ha.
Length: 10 minutes

Toilet Humiliation With Delilah

wmv 178.28 MB

This is a great toilet clip with Delilah and I with humiliation verbals. Bossy Delilah is world famous for her verbals (among other things *wink*)
Length: 5 minutes