Toilet Humiliation

Enhanced Gay Brainwash

mp4 541.24 MB

Custom request. 'Chris' used throughout. "I just received my bottle of "inhalents" and I would like for you to mesmurize me into becoming a complete gay, faggot slut whore for you. Encouraging me to get incredibly fucked up and using the name Chris over and over. Brainwashing me to crave anonymous cock and cum plus anything else you want to brainwash me to do for you as I love not knowing what is going to happen to me. Turns on are encouraged bi, cock sucking, water sports, ass eating, gang bang, cum bukkake, glory holes, public sex."

Length: 20 minutes

Toilet Cuckold Cum Control

mp4 358.62 MB

Custom vid for Christopher (I use the name throughout). "You are my small dicked cuckold & all you deserve is my golden nectar right down your throat."

This vid contains several teasing controlled spurts at various points leading up to a final long, looooong downpour at the end with a cum countdown. Verbals are slow & sensually degrading. Plenty of wet visuals in this longer toilet scene!

*These pantyhose are for sale to the highest bidder! Email:*

Length: 12 minutes

Toilet Degradation

mp4 264.56 MB

Whether you have a mild or extreme fetish for toilet play...a bit of an obsession for assholes, a love of strict FemDom & twisted humiliation, this will likely be your thing. 

Length: 9 minutes

Toilet Slave Fantasy

mp4 220.58 MB

Gotta thing for toilet play? Want to serve me in the most intimate way?
Length: 7 minutes

Toilet Wanna-Be

mp4 244.05 MB

So ya wanna be my toilet? You better watch this then...
Length: 8 minutes

Eat Your Own Shi+

mp4 329.71 MB

You say that you want to serve me in the ultimate way. You think that means that I want you to be my toilet paper, to eat my Goddess caviar, my chocolate...however, I wouldn't let a pig like you anywhere near my precious derriere. If you want to eat shi+ so badly, eat your own! I'll egg you on, encourage you, instruct you....hell, you can even pretend it's my superior caviar...but don't expect me to be impressed by your 'act of devotion'. You disgust me...& that extreme humiliation is exactly what's going to make you blow your stupid load harder than anything else ever has. You'll cum for me with a mouthful of your own shi+ and then eat your fucking pathetic spunk too.
Length: 11 minutes

Toilet Disgust

mp4 116.07 MB

You think the ultimate way to serve me is as my full toilet? You want to consume everything that comes out of my Goddess body? You want to serve as my toilet paper & clean my asshole after? Great, this vid is for you...but don't expect me to tell you how delighted & grateful I am. I think you're disgusting for wanting to be my toilet boy. This vid is all about making you feel even lower than you already do. Graphic toilet talk & cruel verbal degradation.
Length: 8 minutes

Toilet Foot Slave

mp4 157.6 MB

Whether you love toilet play or foot worship you'll love this...your view kneeling or laying on my bathroom floor by my toilet, being my foot stool & foot worshiper while I go to the toilet...
Length: 7 minutes

Cuckold Toilet

mp4 204.72 MB

This is a custom vid (no name mentioned). This is your new my toilet & cuckold. You'll consume everything. Your mouth will be used as toilet paper & clean-up service. Today you'll take my P first, then you'll get a look at the big cock that's been fucking'll watch me play with that cock while I make fun of your small'll see him cum & you'll be ordered to clean it all up. You'll be serving me & my lover!
Length: 10 minutes

Toilet Time With Samantha

mp4 346.4 MB

Toilet fans will love this candid toilet talk clip with the gorgeous Goddess Samantha. I ask her intimate questions about her toilet habits...we discuss toilet boys & toilet paper slaves...& more!
(Click to see more of Samantha Mack)
Length: 13 minutes