Ruined Orgasm For Chastity Slave

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I know, 18 minutes is pretty long for a 'clip' but this was the edited down version of an hour long session and you really can't appreciate the pain of that ruined orgasm unless you see all the teasing, torment and build up before. Nude facesitting, ass cleaning/ass worship, spitting, small penis humiliation, chastity, CBT...but the verbal and MENTAL play in this one is what really sets it apart. Think spoiled seductress. I had been doing distance training with this chastity slave for a long time and had a milking session with him 3 days prior. I taunt the fuck out of him the whole clip and it's pretty intense. He does not know that I'm going to give him a ruined orgasm, he thinks it's another milking session. Wait until you see his reaction!
Length: 18 minutes