Blooper Shoot - Just The End

mp4 70.27 MB

This is just the last 2 minutes of the vid I released yesterday. It contains the cum shot & verbal humiliation. Read all about the shoot that didn't go so well here:
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Length: 2 minutes

Blooper Shoot Full Length

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I recently wrote a blog entry about a filmed session that didn't go so well. I wasn't sure what to do with the footage but it ended up being an interesting vid anyway...this full length version includes all the awkward exchanges between the real-life fan & I. I'll call him a fan because he was hardly a film slave. I like to use real fans instead of professional performers for authenticity...but sometimes they don't work out very well...if you're interested in seeing something more REAL & RAW than usual, you'll love this. (Click to go to my public wordpress blog:
Length: 26 minutes