Public Footboy POV

mp4 155.63 MB

Attention foot lovers: jerk off to this.
Length: 5 minutes

Foot Jobs Drive You Crazy

mp4 190.46 MB

Super sexy footjob!
Length: 6 minutes

Crazy Public Worship

mp4 250.02 MB

This is the FULL vid of Meggerz & I doing PUBLIC foot worship on the Vegas strip with loads of people walking by. This is the most extreme public clip I've done yet. There's even a little something special I couldn't put in the promo images. You'll have to watch to find out! (Click to see more of Princess Meggerz)
Length: 8 minutes

Foot Worship Footjob

mp4 336.25 MB

A classic foot lovers scene with lots of enthusiastic foot worship along with a skilled footjob/handjob.
Length: 11 minutes

Footjob Fantasy

mp4 386.12 MB

A sensual footjob seduction...Indulge your foot fetish...give into it... NOTE: Crazy hot climax of me sitting full weight, nude, on his face while milking his cock to an explosive finish with just my feet!
Length: 13 minutes

Teacher Seduces And Trains

mp4 498.58 MB

Your teacher keeps you after class to discuss your lack of attention in class lately. She deduces that you're attracted to her legs & begins to seduce you while also training you to focus & control your orgasm. This is a sensual jerk off instruction by a Dominant authority figure which features white & tan pantyhose & stockings...ending is a virtual fuck with the teacher riding you to a counted down climax. (Custom vid with the name "Casey" used throughout.)
Length: 17 minutes

Luxury Stocking Seduction

mp4 311.09 MB

You have a weakness for fine stockings...I exploit that weakness as I slowly draw you in to sensually empty your balls for me...
Length: 10 minutes

Footjob Fetish

mp4 389.49 MB

This is a hot footjob vid. If you like to see a cock jerked off with feet...and cum on feet...you'll love this!
Length: 13 minutes

Jerk For Me Foot Lover

mp4 279.47 MB

Below me, at my feet...that's where you ache to be. This is a sensually Dominant JERK OFF INSTRUCTION for lovers of feet...or just any fan of me, Mistress T.
Length: 9 minutes

Your Ex Is Happy

mp4 334.72 MB

Custom vid: I tell you, my boy Johnathon, to rub my feet. I then tell you that I ran into your ex, Katie & that she's just married a great guy & she's really happy. I can tell this makes you sad so I encourage you to stroke your "little peeps" while you worship my feet, to make you feel better. I go on to tell you that your ex had just returned from her honeymoon & I could tell by the sparkle in her eye that she had had lots of great sex. A woman can tell when another woman is being sexually satisfied. I explain that you could never make her feel that way because your penis is too small. I gently tease you about still being single, living at home with me while your ex is having a great life with a real man who probably has a much bigger cock, a better job, etc. I encourage you to cum while kissing my toes, reminding you that your place is kneeling before me, at my feet.
Length: 11 minutes