Cream pie eating

Interactive Humiliated Cuckold

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This is a custom vid where I say the name 'Jamie' a few times and his wife's name, but I'm sure that won't bother you, what ever your name is *smile*. It's a 2 parter, similar to other CUM EATING INSTRUCTION vids I've done before. You keep the cum from your first orgasm on a plate/in a bowl/in a condom. You stop the vid and wait a few hours or a day, then when you watch the 2nd part you'll have to eat it before you can cum again. There's a few other interactive humiliating tasks to do as well. The dialogue is all about your wife fucking black men in front of you and me degrading you for having a small penis. Lots of CREAMPIE CLEAN UP & ENCOURAGED BI stuff. Those who know me know that my verbals are amazing so if you're into HUMILIATION & CUCKOLDING you'll love this MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION vid.
Length: 22 minutes