small penis humilaition

Humiliated In Front Of MILFs Friends

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Concerned that my boy isn't developing properly I ask my girlfriends to have a look and give their opinion. He's mortified as I sternly instruct him to pull his pants down and present his genitals for inspection. He's further embarrassed when I tell Lexi that he has a crush on her. We encourage him to make his penis erect and laugh as he struggles with it...until the conversation moves to the possibility of me pimping him out as a cocksucker since his penis doesn't work...I hint at his oral talents when we have special cuddle time... (See more of Lexi at clips4sale/8341) (See more of Mina at clips4sale/37562)
Length: 10 minutes

London Slave: Humiliated

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While in London a real fan wanted to meet & worship me. Watch as I humiliate him to the point of (almost) tears. Why do I have to be SO mean? Because I can.
Length: 5 minutes

Super Dork Gets Cuckolded

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HUMILIATION + CUCKOLDING. I was going to fuck this young guy but his dick was worthless. I punish him for being a sexual failure by making him watch me fuck a dick so much bigger than his...
Length: 12 minutes

Foot Slaves Place 3

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While cuckie lays on the floor worshiping my feet I enjoy a nice thick cock above him...
Length: 13 minutes

Small Penis Therapy

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Custom request (no name mentioned). This is a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION (I allow you to have a release in front of me). See description of the request below: "The theme is an SPH therapy session with Dr. T. The tone should be belittling but clinical/matter-of-fact, rather than name calling. I've come to see you to overcome feelings of inadequacy, sexual performance problems, difficulty dating, etc. We've met a couple of times, but didn't make enough progress because I was hiding something. During our earlier discussions, you noticed I was acting somewhat cocky but it didn't seem genuine. I was putting on a front of being a virile and endowed man but the good doctor isn't buying it. You know exactly what's causing my problems. You tell me to take down my pants so you can see how much of a man I am. I'm reluctant, but you insist on seeing my penis. Well, you've definitely found the root of all the problems. You tell me directly that I have a very small penis. You detail how this is obviously a source of shame and embarrassment to have my little dick exposed. How it's natural to not feel like a real man with such a tiny penis. You notice I get aroused as I'm being emasculated, so you have me play with myself. Instead of helping to overcome the feelings of inadequacy, you tell me I need to accept these feelings. There's no way to get over the feelings because I'm mentally and physically a "little man". And women will treat little men differently than alpha men. Women will treat me the way I deserve to be treated. You tell me to rule out normal relationships with women. With such a little baby dick I'm more suited to be a cuckold or pussy slave to a size queen. And so on…"
Length: 17 minutes

Interactive Humiliated Cuckold

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This is a custom vid where I say the name 'Jamie' a few times and his wife's name, but I'm sure that won't bother you, what ever your name is *smile*. It's a 2 parter, similar to other CUM EATING INSTRUCTION vids I've done before. You keep the cum from your first orgasm on a plate/in a bowl/in a condom. You stop the vid and wait a few hours or a day, then when you watch the 2nd part you'll have to eat it before you can cum again. There's a few other interactive humiliating tasks to do as well. The dialogue is all about your wife fucking black men in front of you and me degrading you for having a small penis. Lots of CREAMPIE CLEAN UP & ENCOURAGED BI stuff. Those who know me know that my verbals are amazing so if you're into HUMILIATION & CUCKOLDING you'll love this MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION vid.
Length: 22 minutes

Watch Your Wife Cum 2

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"Dear Hubby: like it or not, you're a cuckold. I made this little vid to introduce you slowly to the idea of your new reality. My stud lover is going to finger fuck me & give me an orgasm. I want you to see another man pleasing me in ways that you can't." Note: I created this vid to have a very raw, amateur feel, to make it more realistic than a polished, professional vid with studio lighting, etc. I have a 100% REAL ORGASM (not a fake porn-style orgasm).
Length: 6 minutes

Secret SizeQueen Therapist

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The storyline is a bit complex so before I explain I'll give you the short version: This is a SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION vid with MASTURBATION ENCOURAGEMENT.... Now the long version: I am the only one speaking in this vid. I carry on a conversation as if you're asking me questions. You come to a therapist to talk about your small penis issues. I assure you that size doesn't matter to most women. I tell you all the usual lies: "it's not the size of the wave, it's the motion in the ocean", etc. You ask me what my personal preference is and I say it's unprofessional for me to say. You start to fixate on the idea that I prefer big cocks and when we meet again the following week (that's why you see me wearing a different outfit, it's 2 different days) you pressure me further to tell you my preference. I end up getting you to show me your penis so I can see what we're dealing with...then I get you to make it erect for me so I can see it's full size: it is on the small side for sure. Eventually I can't help but make fun of you while finally confessing how much I prefer big cocks...I go into graphic detail and get pretty hot while encouraging you to jerk off while I make fun of you...This is a fantastic, intelligent, complex, realistic small penis humiliation at a GREAT PRICE. If you liked 'Too Small' you'll like this. The same custom buyer requested this one. Search 'SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION' above to find it and other similar vids!
Length: 17 minutes