Intox JOI Drinking Game

mp4 611.48 MB

You love to drink, jerk off & take orders from me...so let's have some sexy fun together! Follow along with my clear instructions to stroke & drink as I tease you & fuck with your increasingly pliable mind. This is so highly interactive that you'll feel like I'm right there with you...& that's your ultimate fantasy, isn't it?
Length: 22 minutes

Drink With The Bitch Princess

wmv 503.44 MB

Don't drink alone loser, drink with me! I created this clip specifically for lonely, bored dorks like you. You like drinking games, don't you? Watch this clip and only take a drink when I give you permission. You can also get a 'taste' of what it would be like to be my personal slave. You get to accompany me in the washroom...because lots of drinking means lots of toilet breaks. This also includes lots of teasing and several outfit changes. Very fun clip.
Length: 14 minutes