Cocksucking Mind Fuck Stop & Go Game

mp4 336.51 MB

This scene covers a few hot themes: it's a sexy latex gloved hand job...with a stop & go game for the guy & you, the viewer. There's an element of seducing you & mind fucking you into wanting to suck cock...& there's a glorious ruined (abandoned) orgasm at the end.

Length:11 minutes

Goddess Party 2017: Kink Extravaganza

mp4 823.81 MB

This is a very special vid. It combines a few of the hottest scenes of the last Goddess Party. Hot Encouraged Bi action, Strap-On AND the cum collection game (the slaves all raced to cum as quickly as possible, ejaculating into a glass...the last one, the loser, gets a cum facial with all the others jizz!)

Multiple Dominant women all using sub males for their kinky amusement. This is a must-have for any kinksters collection, especially lovers of CFNM (Clothed Female/Naked Male), public play/exhibitionism, women making guys suck dick, party scenario's...this is unique/rare stuff.

Party attended by: Samantha Mack (, Miss Jasmine (, Evilyn 13 ( & Skylar Heart (

Length: 20 minutes


MILF's Study Quiz

mp4 423.41 MB

Strict MILF checks that her boy has been studying by giving him a pop quiz. She wants him to make her proud, to get good grades, to make something of himself. She also wants him to be able to think under she strokes him while asking questions. If he gets all the answers right he gets to cum.

Length: 14 minutes

Intox JOI Drinking Game

mp4 611.48 MB

You love to drink, jerk off & take orders from let's have some sexy fun together! Follow along with my clear instructions to stroke & drink as I tease you & fuck with your increasingly pliable mind. This is so highly interactive that you'll feel like I'm right there with you...& that's your ultimate fantasy, isn't it?
Length: 22 minutes

Boobs Or Ass JOI Challenge

mp4 335.55 MB

This is a custom vid for "Richard" & I use his name several times. Richard is a small-dicked virgin who likes to be humiliated...he also loves my ass in a thong AND seeing boobs jiggle & bounce under a loose shirt. I tease & play a game where I jiggle & bounce while you stroke vigorously BUT you're not allowed to cum until I give you permission. Are you up for the challenge?
Length: 11 minutes

Time Travel Fantasy

mp4 404.64 MB

You have been transported back in time to the 1940's. You've always had a weakness for pin-up models of that time...but you didn't want to actually live in that era. You have a good life in 2016 & you'd like to get back there...but the only way to save your life is to resist ejaculating while being seduced & tempted by a 1940's siren. It's a test. Hold off for 20 minutes & you'll be transported back to your happy life. Fail & you'll be stuck in the 1940's. Do you have enough self control?
Length: 14 minutes

Stop & Go Game Time

mp4 469.68 MB

It's time to play! Learn orgasm control & have fun with my sexy stop & go MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION...Stroke along with me, following my direction, slow & soft, or just teasing the tip, fast & hard, getting right to the edge then stopping! Do you think you can make it to the end & cum on my command???
Length: 20 minutes

Slave Games: Ballbusting

mp4 164.54 MB

We play a game with the slaves...asking them questions...a wrong answer gets a kick in the balls. Thrilling! (Click to see more of Kandy Kink from Club Stiletto) .... (Click to see more of Domme Kyaa) .... (Click to see more of Bijou Steal)
Length: 5 minutes

Masturbation Gamble

mp4 242.67 MB

This is a super hot hand job vid with loads of teasing...& a surprise ending. The whole clip I tell you that you can't cum unless he ejaculates on cue. Lots of dirty talk keeps you on the edge as I give the hottest fucking MASTURBATION'll want to blow your load in the first few minutes...but hold on...wait...I give a countdown as I stroke that horny cock & if he cums when I get to 1 (one) you get to cum too...if not, hands off! Are you feeling lucky?
Length: 11 minutes

Game Day 2

mp4 382.81 MB

It's time to play your favorite game again today! I tease you mercilessly with my feet and body. We'll play lots of 'stop & go' as I guide you through a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION. Will you be given permission to cum at the end or will you be denied? There's only one way to find out...
Length: 13 minutes