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This is a FUCKING vid with a very twisted storyline. A convicted criminal is in a special prison and taking part in a controversial, experimental treatment program. Since he was convicted of sex crimes against women his treatment is designed to cause him a great deal of pain if aroused and almost unbearable pain if he ejaculates. Unfortunately his sadistic therapist doesn't think he has suffered enough for his crimes and takes it upon herself to ensure justice is served. Despite his resistance & despite extreme pain she maliciously arouses him and brings him to orgasm while taunting him and telling him she will be back every day to do this to him. BEWARE: This is an intense, angry, abusive scene, NOT sensual. Rough sex, harsh verbals.
Length: 9 minutes

Sex Rehab - Part 2

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First, I released Sex Rehab - Part 1. My chronic masturbating porn addict had checked into sex rehab & got his first hand job 'assessment'. In this clip you'll see that time has passed & part of the therapy has been frequent & assertive daily milkings. The patient is milked dry & wants to go home but I don't think he's ready to be released yet. I milk one more orgasm out of him despite his resistance. I am very persuasive!
Length: 7 minutes

Encouraged Milking

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In the same theme as "Jerk Off Or Suffer" and "Midnight Milking" this poor hostage is just getting jerked and used for his sperm. A encouraged sperm donor. Are you thinking that being tied up and milked by a sexy, mysterious woman wouldn't be so bad? Let me spoil the ending for you: after his orgasm I keep going. That's right, I keep pumping his sensitive cock while he squirms and freaks out. I say that I'm ensuring I have every drop but really, the grin on my face and laughter reveals my sadistic motives. Oh, and in case you can't tell from the picture, those are rough, fishnet gloves. You think that doesn't hurt?
Length: 7 minutes