Conversion Therapy Clinic

mp4 404.53 MB

Part of our intensive program to turn you straight is to create situations you can't resist. To deny you orgasms for long periods of time & then have a sexy female therapist stimulate you to climax. We train you to be aroused by women. Our methods are unorthodox but effective. We'll milk the gay right out of you!

Length:13 minutes

Clinical Experimentation For Pervert

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Pervert unwittingly finds himself a captive at an underground facility conducting bizarre experiments....

Length: 12 minutes

New Fuck Meat For Stable

mp4 407.72 MB

I'm testing out a new stud to be used for my sexual pleasure. I'm checking his orgasm control & stamina. While stroking him I describe how he might be used if he performs well & impresses me.

Length: 14 minutes

Alien Extracts Semen Sample

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Custom vid, no name mentioned. A sexy, feminine-looking alien extracts a semen sample from a humanoid specimen. She explains that her species plans to breed with humans to create a hybrid being that is intellectually superior to humans but can breath oxygen so they can inhabit the planet earth. In fact, it's their intention to take over the planet as the humans have been so destructive. The aliens will keep some humans as slaves, servants & for breeding...yes, breeding. They have a very high sex drive & look forward to using worthy human males for copulation...

Length: 10 minutes

Barely Touched Finger Job

mp4 376.9 MB

I make you so horny that I could make you cum barely even touching you. The lightest velvety has you under a spell. My puppet. So easily controlled.


Length: 13 minutes


Milked Drained Used

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Treated like beasts, only useful for their seed, milked until they're used up & then discarded. In a world where men only have worth as long as they are producing what we need...the milk that makes our female species stronger.
Length: 13 minutes

MILF Converts Gay Boy

mp4 431.7 MB

You are in big trouble for looking at gay porn. MILF dearest is not pleased. She will not have her boy growing up to be one of those depraved homosexuals. What would her high society friends think? What would her church friends say? Your Fam has a reputation to maintain. MILF will take matters firmly in hand & show you that you can be aroused by a woman. She will ensure you turn out straight, no matter what she has to do!
Length: 16 minutes