New Fuck Meat For Stable

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I'm testing out a new stud to be used for my sexual pleasure. I'm checking his orgasm control & stamina. While stroking him I describe how he might be used if he performs well & impresses me.

Length: 14 minutes

Buckets of CUM!

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Who doesn't love to see a giant cock cum like a fire hose?! This is a sexy, FemDom milking with an explosive, massive cum shot. (Sensual Domination)
Length: 7 minutes

MILF Plays with Sons Friend

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You are my boy, watching me play with your friend. How humiliating for you! You have a crush on your own hot MILF but your penis is too small for MILF. I enjoy exploring his big cock and talk about fucking him...imagine, being CUCKOLDED and HUMILIATED by your own MILF! When he cums you have to eat it all up...you better get used to the taste as next time you'll be cleaning it out of MILF's pussy!
Length: 11 minutes

Underwater Sexy Time

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This is a sexy feast for the eyes...my gorgeous body underwater...a very cool underwater cumshot (2 CUMSHOTS actually: from far away & close up!)...great for VOYEURS, CUCKOLDS or HANDJOB fans. NOTE: It's underwater, so obviously there's no audio. I chose to not add cheesy music but encourage you to listen to your own favorite music while watching...a great vid if your wife is asleep in the next room: shhh! *smile*
Length: 12 minutes

MILF Likes bros Cock Better

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You are encouraged to watch MILF give your 'bigger' bro a handjob while she compares his cock to your smaller penis. She tells you that because his cock is so much bigger than yours that he gets 'favors' you don't. In fact, she plans on getting pregnant with him so she can have another boy who grows up to be well endowed.
Length: 13 minutes