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You've wanted to lick my ass for so long. You want it so badly. You'd do just about anything for just one little taste of my ass. I know you want that but I also know that deep down you're conflicted about homosexual thoughts. You would need just the right circumstances to cross that line...
Length: 9 minutes

Suck Cock Balls Ass

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This is probably the most intense & effective Encouraged BI scene I've created. I combine lots of sexy eye candy for your heterosexual brain (lots of cock in pussy fucking!) while seducing you and instructing you to prepare my lover FOR ME. I coach you in cock sucking as well as getting your tongue right in HIS ASS to rim his man hole & lick his balls. In the end you'll suck my cunt juices off that cock while he cums in your mouth, making you the cum guzzling faggot that deep down you know you are.
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Cuckold Sucks Boss And Licks His Ass

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A husband has been caught going to strip clubs during company time. He's in trouble with his wife AND his boss. If he wants to keep his job & his wife he's going to have to work for it. From now on he's going to be sucking his boss's cock & kissing his ass: literally! His wife gets a look at his boss's thick cock & decides her husbands little dick doesn't measure up any more. He's going to be her humiliated cuckold from now on while she gets satisfied by a real man!
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