MILF Takes Control Mom/Son

mp4 430.49 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. I'm unhappy with the way you treat women. You cheat & you aren't respectful, etc. This isn't how I raised you! So I'm going to put an end to it. I'm going to tease you so much that you can only ever get hard/cum for me, when I give you permission. I tease you with my ass, my tits and my incredible mouth. I give multiple cum countdowns. I'll have you wrapped around my pinky, under my complete control & you won't be a nuisance to other women anymore.

Length: 15 minutes


Boys Naughty Desires

mp4 351.79 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. I've figured out that you have an unhealthy attraction to me (your MILF) & high heels. I want to see just how far your naughty desires go. I encourage you to jerk off for me & to use an anal toy on yourself as well as "inhale" to enhance your experience. I tease you with my heels, legs, ass & cleavage...giving you several cum countdowns but stopping...edging you, building up a nice big load for me...I rip my pantyhose describing how you'd love to rip my pantyhose off of me & fuck me, getting you worked up even more before one final countdown & giving you permission to cum.

Length: 13 minutes

MILF's Behavior Modification

mp4 318.15 MB

Who better to get you into line than your loving MILF! Your grades have been slipping in school & it's likely because you can't focus. You're at the age where your hormones are running wild. So before school I'll give you a hand to get rid of those distracting urges. I'll use a series of rewards & punishments to get you back on track so you can make me proud.

Length: 11 minutes

MILF Milks Boy Of Sinful Cum

mp4 308.83 MB

MILF catches you masturbating when you should be getting ready to go to church. She has a little talk with you about your porn watching & masturbation habits. She helps you get all your cummies out before going to church so you don't get an awkward boner during the sermon like you did last time. It's a little humiliating confessing all your sins & talking about what turns you on while getting jerked off like that...but maybe you like that too...

Length: 10 minutes

Sex Ed From Loving MILF

mp4 398.27 MB

A sweet, nurturing lesson from the woman you love the most...who you desire even though you shouldn't. Who better to coach you in becoming a good lover than your own loving MILF.
Length: 13 minutes

Taking Your Virginity - Virtual Fuck

mp4 553.78 MB

Custom vid, the name "Brian" used throughout. We're coworkers & I ask you to come to my place after work to drop off some files. I tell you that I overheard the guys at the office teasing you about being a virgin. I seduce you into making out, then sex...telling you that I'm going to train you to be my fuck toy, I'll teach you how to please me, how to be a good lover...I tell you that it excites me to take your virginity...that I like knowing for the rest of your life the story of the first time you had sex will be about me.
Length: 20 minutes

Evil Step MILF

mp4 339.75 MB

I have your ol'man wrapped around my pinky & you'll soon be in the same position. He has already signed everything over to me in his will. If you want anything at all you'll do whatever I tell you to.
Length: 14 minutes

MILF Sex Ed - Virtual Sex

mp4 502.28 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. Loving MILF encourages her boys natural curiosities & coaches him in the art of sexual intimacy. Warm, soft & patient, using the proper terms (vagina, penis, etc.) she explains how to please a woman, oral sex, the importance of orgasm control, vaginal intercourse, etc.
Length: 17 minutes

MILF Shames Boy - MILF/boy

mp4 299.3 MB

Busty MILF catches her boy with her dirty pantyhose and shames him for his perversions. She further embarrasses and teaches him a lesson by making him cum for her.
Length: 11 minutes

Teacher Student Sex Ed

mp4 262.08 MB

Caught masturbating in class, your sexy, Dominant teacher decides the best way to control your behavior is to motivate you with what you really crave. Under her strict tutelage you'll be getting an "A" in sex ed for sure.
Length: 9 minutes