Seduced By Mature Neighbor Lady

mp4 649.26 MB

Not only is your neighbor sexy as hell, she's confident and bossy. You like her take charge vibe and that she's older than you. She's likely experienced and can teach you a few things. Her tight jeans drive you nuts and sometimes she doesn't wear a bra, those big tits jiggling thru that thin fabric. Ugh, she makes you so horny. You have a serious crush on her and you'd do just about anything to get her attention...


Length: 22 minutes

Sex Ed From Loving MILF

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A sweet, nurturing lesson from the woman you love the most...who you desire even though you shouldn't. Who better to coach you in becoming a good lover than your own loving MILF.
Length: 13 minutes

Caught By Hot Auntie

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You've been caught jerking off in the bushes by your hot Auntie. She teases you & encourages you to continue...coaching you along...
Length: 7 minutes

Mature Woman Seduces

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Do you have a thing for older women, mature ladies, MILF's, GILF's...experienced women who could show you the ropes, train you to be a better lover, to control your orgasm...a woman who can take control of you...
Length: 11 minutes

Virgin Humiliation JOI

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Custom vid (no name mentioned): What would be more humiliating than having your hot **** talk to you about sex? How about her figuring out that you're a virgin and giving you a hard time about it? It gets worse: she feels sorry for you and also wants to check that your equipment is working so she instructs you to masturbate in front of her! Whoa!
Length: 13 minutes

Office MILF Takes Control

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Custom vid about a 'cougar' type 'MILF'...just a hot, mature, experienced woman who works in your office...who you've lusted after...who you're now alone in the office with. She can tell you're submissive and takes control...seduces you, guides you in the art of pleasuring a woman & turns you into her pussy licking pet. She enjoys controlling your orgasm & instructs you to jerk off for her...
Length: 14 minutes

Watch Him Get What You Want

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You have a thing for more experienced wish you could be with me, have me take you in hand & show you how to be a better lover. You wish you could feel my skilled hands on your cock. You crave to smell me, to have my pussy against your lips. I torment you with my words as I give someone else the sensual hand job and attention you so desperately want...
Length: 6 minutes

Counselors Small Penis Humiliation

mp4 266.7 MB

This is a custom vid for Stephen & I say his name several times throughout the vid...but you can enjoy this even if you're name isn't Stephen. Here's the outline: "I'm a high school student you are a school counselor. I go to see you because somebody pulled my pants down as a prank at a pool party and the hot girls in my class saw my small penis. You are really nice & sweet about it and try to reassure me that it was probably cold water & that young women can be cruel etc. You get me to show you my penis so you can reassure me that its all in my head. You ask to see it erect so you can properly judge it. You admit to me that it is smaller than average. You take pity on me and let me masturbate in front of you. I ask you if you'd be interested in someone like me and you turn from nice to real bitch laying on SPH insults going on about your lovers huge cock & comparing the two. You do a tease showing of your ass, mocking me. Showing your tits saying how your small my cock would look in between them. Eventually you show your pussy by taking your panties off but leaving a short skirt on. I cum, you say how pathetic i am for not holding out. You mock my cock as the cum drips down it and it shrinks even smaller. You make me to lick my cum up laughing at me calling me your bitch. The End"
Length: 10 minutes

Step MILF Double Jerk Off

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I'm your new Step MILF. While your Pa is out of town he has left me in charge of making sure you're up & ready for your first day at your new school. I understand that you may be distracted by the girls at school & it's important to me that you stay focused on your school work. Your Pa will be proud of you if you get good grades. I decide to help you stay focused by ensuring your balls are completely empty each morning. That's means that you'll jerk off TWICE while I tease you with my sexy body & sensually Dominant demeanor. You'll follow my instructions as I straddle your face, getting close enough for you to smell my feminine fragrance...this will be our little secret. It's taboo & unorthodox but I bet soon enough you'll only be able to cum looking at me, your step-MILF & other girls won't be a distraction at all...
Length: 15 minutes

MILF's Pantyhose

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I confront you about your shameful, secret desires for me. I've seen the porn you look at on the internet & you seek out MILF's that resemble me, your own MILF. You also look at pantyhose porn & I know you've jerked off with my dirty pantyhose. I decide to take control of the situation and own your orgasms. You'll only be allowed to jerk off in my presence from now on...starting right now...
Length: 10 minutes