Ruined Orgasms

Self Control Test 2

wmv 335.24 MB

So you want to work in an all female office? I'll let you apply and I'll test your self control but I don't think you'll pass...if you can handle my teasing and seduction without cumming you'll get the job.
Length: 9 minutes

Hooked on Mistress T

wmv 372.91 MB

You will not believe what this little suck up did for me this week. Apparently his abandoned orgasm last week didn't scare him off?! (Squirmers Abandoned Orgasm) This week I told him we could do some play with my panties off...BUT he would have to follow my gorgeous ass around as I dragged him with a GIANT STEEL HOOK IN HIS ASS!!! As you can imagine, he kept up nicely with his nose buried in my ass while I laughed and dragged him around. His cock looked painfully hard so I let him jerk himself off in my presence...sort of (ha ha). Watch him freak out as I surprise him by ruining his orgasm. Even though I pressed my thumb as hard as I could over the hole, some still came out and dripped into the glass. I added a little red wine to lubricate his sticky cum so it would all slide out nicely and right into his little slut mouth. Bottoms up groupie!

Squirmers Abandoned Orgasm

wmv 323.42 MB

There is something very special about this clip that you won't see in most. A realism that can't be faked. This was the first time I sessioned/filmed with this slave who had been a casual acquaintance and who I knew had a huge crush on me. We had agreed to do a basic face sitting and cock torture with release scene. He was such a squirmy seat that I couldn't help laugh and giggle throughout most of the scene. At the end I surprise us both by spontaniously giving him an abandoned orgasm leaving him writhing and flailing his squirting cock around like an out of control fire hose. The vocals in this one are priceless, both my uncontrollable laughter and his moaning and groaning. This was a very fun scene to do and you will be seeing more of this animated slave in the future. If seeing a Domme truly enjoy herself does it for you, download this clip. I had a blast.