Sniff Sniff - Part 2

mp4 43.42 MB

After a warm up with my feet & armpits the slave is ready to dive into my sweaty, unwashed ass crack. It is authentically dirty and I'm sure: very fragrant! My essence must be overwhelming... His mouth is duct taped to prevent him from tasting: smell ONLY!
Length: 6 minutes

Lexi's Pussy Cleaner

mp4 147.48 MB

After a night of debauchery with Lexi Sindel we return to her place...how nice that she has a well trained pussy cleaner at the ready! After a night of fucking it's wonderful to have a thorough pussy cleaning to get all the cum sucked & licked out. Lexi & I chat about some of the hot highlights of the evening while mostly ignoring and objectifying the pussy cleaner...
Length: 5 minutes

Erotic Assassin: Fatal Scent

mp4 250.29 MB

Yet another killlller adventure in the Erotic Assassin series! (Search keyword 'assassin' above to find more from this series). You're shocked to find such an alluring vixen in your bedroom: your wildest dream come true? No, more likely your worst nightmare. You know you should run but something is drawing you closer...you can't seem to resist her charms...you become so entranced by her velvety voice & breathtaking beauty that when she explains that her specially formulated perfume is slowly paralyzing you, you don't even want to run. By the time she's smothering you under that gorgeous ass and you're approaching the last orgasm of your life...you're completely helpless...
Length: 9 minutes

Strict Workout

mp4 270.12 MB

It's time to get this slave into shape. What better way than to use my weight and the reward of me as his motivation. Extreme facesittng and Goddess Worship...along with harsh slave endurance punishment!
Length: 9 minutes

Shiny Ass Facesit

mp4 151.58 MB

Facesitting...wearing shiny liquid leggings.
Length: 5 minutes

Sensual Domination Part 3

mp4 153.2 MB

You will clearly see how insanely aroused this slave is by his rock hard, twitching cock. It looks like he'll burst without me even touching him! No orgasm for him though...
Length: 5 minutes

Erotic Assassins: Triple Threat

mp4 181.47 MB

The vicious Lexi Sindel & Mina Thorne team up with me for triple the power & triple the fun (for US!)
Length: 6 minutes

Suffer For Her Ass

mp4 198.37 MB

ASS WORSHIP + CBT + TRAMPLING. FEMALE DOMINATION at it's finest. Feel this slaves pain as I trample him with my full weight & sharp heels...as I stomp, kick and punish his penis & balls...all just to worship my ass...(Great ass worship scenes as he suffers under my full weight!)
Length: 7 minutes

Erotic Assassin: Last Orgasm

mp4 322.89 MB

Dangerous and irresistible, The Erotic Assassin is back. She has been hunting again and her latest victim could be you...he met her online, on a latex fetish website. They arranged to meet up for some sexy fun...but as soon as the fun begins he finds himself laying on the floor, paralyzed. What follows is erotic & powerful seduction, facesitting and a encouraged milking that takes his breath away...(OPERA LENGTH BLACK LATEX GLOVES + LATEX FETISH + SMOTHER)
Length: 11 minutes

Superheroine or Supervillian?

mp4 151.3 MB

Sometimes the battle between good & evil is unclear. Sometimes knowing everything means knowing too much...and sometimes the lines between fantasy & reality become blurred...
Length: 5 minutes