Hurt Your Own Balls

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Let's get INTERACTIVE! You'll be expected to do more than just whack off to this vid, you'll be expected to whack yourself in the balls. Self-abuse is on the menu as I instruct you to punch & slap and squeeze your nuts. I want to know your balls are sore & swelling as I enjoy my lover in the next room. Your suffering will turn me on. (A bit of a cuckolding storyline in this cruel but sensual FemDom vid.) (This is a custom vid. No names are used so anyone can enjoy it. To order your own special vid email: MsT@MistressT.net. Rates start at $100.)
Length: 16 minutes

Figging 101

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SALE PRICE, because you're going to have to buy some GINGER for this INTERACTIVE masturbation instruction. "Figging is the practice of inserting a piece of ginger root into the anus and/or urethra (penis)." It creates a burning sensation and I know how much you enjoy a little pain & suffering with your pleasure. Take it for me, hurt a little for me. Show me how devoted and obedient you are. Follow my instructions on how to prepare the ginger and the various ways to use it. I'll guide you to intense pleasure & pain.
Length: 12 minutes