Tease And Denial

Mattress Tease Life Sentence

wmv 405.95 MB

Fans of "Mattress Cuckold", "Mattress Husband" and "Cuckold Tease Life Sentence" will love this clip which combines intense tease & denial with the most humiliating cuckolding elements: using the cuckold as a mattress and making him eat the creampie.Extreme-close-ups and full views of the action. *** This clip contains REAL spontanious laughing where we crack up and can't stop laughing at the mattress. We make a few jokes about him and can't stop laughing. Very candid and very humiliating!***
Length: 11 minutes

Tease and Denial

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This is a unique clip. I decided to add a special audio track over top of this so you get more of my voice talking directly to you while you watch the action. This clip features bondage, face sitting, small penis humiliation, cuckolding, dildo fucking...basically me teasing the fuck out of my cuck slave but not letting him cum. I challenge you to watch this and see how long you think you could hold out if you were my plaything.

Goddess Party Part 6

wmv 274.7 MB

This clip features some intense, NATURAL tease & denial. Can you imagine being at a party with all these sexy ladies, girl-on-girl action and a couple of gorgeous breasts right in front of you...but knowing that none of them would EVER fuck you? We really wanted to see a slave lick his own cum off of another slaves face and the ladies breasts...I'm not going to mislead you: he couldn't cum but you won't even notice with all the other incredible action in this clip. There's also some cock bondage in this clip, face slapping, spitting and verbal humiliation.A very hot scene with a cliff hanger ending...yes, there is still more to come! You'll enjoy part 7 more if you watch part 6 first. (I have received a flood of fan mail on this series and sales are through the roof. If you haven't downloaded any of them yet, or ALL of them yet: I strongly recommend you do. Every part is outstanding and the whole thing in it's entirety is legendary.)

Knee Sock Tease

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The Bitch Babysitter fights boredom by teasing Little Johnny mercilessly. She bats around his penis with her socks like a cat playing with a mouse. She sits that gorgeous ass down on his face and smothers him with her crotch. Poor little fella. Bet you wish you were her plaything.