Tease And Denial

Tease & Denial Torment

mp4 245.7 MB

Who doesn't like being teased to the point of near insanity? You might need to be committed after enduring this extreme clip where I make you imagine that my pink dildo is you...your mouth (on my pussy), your cock (IN my mouth & pussy). I create images that will burn in your memory and haunt you. I guide you to stroke yourself along with me. You'll become entranced and get yourself to the edge over and over until the end where I deny you your release. I do so love to see you suffer!
Length: 9 minutes

Choices 3 - Cucked, Ruined & Chastised

mp4 372.21 MB

CUCKOLDING + HUMAN MATTRESS + RUINED ORGASM + CHASTITY + HUMILIATION. This is a solid all-action 12 minute thrill ride. First the slave gets cuckolded and used as a human mattress, then I make him think I'm going to let him cum (after a month in chastity) but instead I ruin his orgasm (what a bitch!) and put him back into chastity, this time for 2 months!
Length: 12 minutes

Sensual Tease & Denial

mp4 526.93 MB

How long do you think you could handle being teased & denied by me? This was the 18 minute climax from an all day tease & denial session. We went lingerie shopping & fetish clothing shopping all day in Paris. We shared glasses of wine & I flirted, keeping him hard and on edge all day. At the end of the night you'll see me fucking with his head and enjoying driving him crazy...
Length: 18 minutes

Invalid Hubby 4 Part Saga

wmv 1293.8 MB

This clip contains 4 complete clips in 1 "Invalid Hubby's New Hell" + "Invalid Hubby's Tease 1" + "Invalid Hubby's Tease 2" + "Cheating Husbands New Hell" (which was released a few months before). All filmed POV. I am your wife and you have become an invalid from a car accident. You were cheating on me and now my revenge is to TEASE & DENY you for the rest of your life. Lots of TEASING and some CUCKOLDING (the last of the 4 clips is more CUCKOLDING focused.)
Length: 36 Minutes

Ass Sniffer Teased and Denied

wmv 227.68 MB

Do you wonder what my ass smells like? Do you wish you could bury your nose in there and breath in that intimate, feminine fragrance? Do you imagine what it would feel like to have my soft, juicy ass covering your face, my full weight on you, taking your breath away? ( FACE SITTING ) Now imagine I'm stroking your cock at the same time. How long do you think you would last before you blew your load? Look at the picture, go ahead have a good look at that amazing fucking ass...your twitching cock is telling you what you need to do.

Warning: May Cause A Heart Attack

wmv 466.32 MB

You should never have told me about your bad heart. You should never have told me that you couldn't fuck me, as much as you'd like to, because your poor, old ticker couldn't take it. I can resist anything except temptation. This clip will do you in. I'm going to tease and seduce you into cardiac arrest.

Gimp Night Part 3

wmv 211.81 MB

Gimp wished that someday I might actually fuck him. I love to see him suffer so I tease him mercilessly. This scene I make him think it's really going to happen. I let him warm me up with foot worship, his little penis gets so hard! I then get nice and close before farting on him instead and laughing at how stupid he is. Poor little thing!
Length: 6 minutes

Chastity Cuckold Gets Pussy

wmv 400.96 MB

Cuckolding + Chastity: I know that's enough to get most of you to frantically hit the "Download" button but there's even more to this great clip. After making my worthless husband watch my well-hung boyfriend fuck me properly then eat his superior cum off my ass and pussy...the fun continues. I make him think he's going to get a chance to fuck my pussy for the first time in years. I take off his chastity device, blindfold him and use one of those ridiculous fake pussy/masturbation sleeves (like the flesh light) laughing at how stupid he is to think that's a REAL pussy. I then allow him to jerk off with it until he almost cums...but DENIED! I ruin his orgasm and put him back into chastity. No pussy and no orgasm. Will I win a "Wife-of-the-Year" award?
Length: 11 minutes

Bitch Babysitter Part 1

wmv 512.24 MB

The first in the 6 part 'Bitch Babysitter' series. Many of you little perverts discovered your kinks before you hit puberty. You probably had a crush on your babysitter. Relive your early days as 'Little Johnny' whoes sexy but cruel babysitter BLACKMAILS and manipulates him into doing whatever she says.
Length: 10 minutes

Goddess Party 3 Tease And Foot Worship

wmv 190.46 MB

This is a very special clip containing 2 different very authentic, candid times at the party. The first a very intimate and intense tease & denial scene. The second a foot/shoe/panty hose worship scene with multiple Goddess's. One foot slut is being completely ignored by one Goddess who doesn't even bother to remove her shoe or lift her leg while the slave kneels and licks her toes (open-toed shoes)...the other licks the Goddess's feet through her well-worn panty hose while we make fun of him. Very hot humiliation and examples of naturally Dominant REAL women using slaves for their amusement.
Length: 5 minutes