Taking Your Virginity - Virtual Fuck

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Custom vid, the name "Brian" used throughout. We're coworkers & I ask you to come to my place after work to drop off some files. I tell you that I overheard the guys at the office teasing you about being a virgin. I seduce you into making out, then sex...telling you that I'm going to train you to be my fuck toy, I'll teach you how to please me, how to be a good lover...I tell you that it excites me to take your virginity...that I like knowing for the rest of your life the story of the first time you had sex will be about me.
Length: 20 minutes

Virgins First Time

mp4 289.47 MB

(Custom vid, no name mentioned.) It's your 1st time having sex. You are very excited about losing your virginity to me. Sadly, I'm not so excited about breaking you in. I make fun of you & your penis. I humiliate you for your premature ejaculation. I make you clean up your cum from my pussy & realize that you may have use as my cuckold cream pie cleaner.
Length: 10 minutes

POV Fuck For Cuckold

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This is a really sweet cuckolding scene. You are my cuckold & for some reason we can't have sexual intercourse anymore (perhaps medical reasons or distance, I leave it vague). Even without sex we still care about each other & you enjoy seeing me getting satisfied by other men. You want me to be happy. So I create this POV (from your point-of-view) vid of me with another man so you can feel like I'm fucking you (sort of like virtual sex) and also because I know you like to see me with other men.
Length: 14 minutes