Tiny Dicks Can Not Compete

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Behold the baseball bat this stud calls a penis. It's one of the biggest cocks I've ever seen...& all you shrimp dick losers can't compete. I know you love the small penis humiliation so get your tweezers out to find your mini-member. It's time to jerk off with your own tears, knowing how inadequate you are.

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Length: 18 minutes

Humiliation For Small Dicked Virgin

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Custom vid, no name mentioned: You're a porn addicted virgin with a small penis & nothing going for you. This vid is the closest thing you're going to ever get to sex.

Length: 13 minutes

Compare To Monster Cock

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You wish you had such a large alpha male dick to please me... but you don't... so sad... at least you can touch yourself to entertain me and clean up your own mess. Yes, that will do.

Length: 13 minutes


Humiliated By Mistress T and Miss Jasmine

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This is a pretty fun & cruel vid. Yes, fun AND cruel. We're horrible to the slave & we're horrible to you the viewer but we have a great time, laughing our heads off. We encourage you to smack yourself in the balls for us, we make fun of you. If you like bratty, mean girls, humiliation, being insulted & feet, you might like this. I don't really care:-) (Click to see more of Miss Jasmine)

Length: 16 minutes

Cuck Dick Comparison

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How do you measure up cuckie? Look down at your dicklet, what have you got to offer compared to this stud's monster cock? Look at how he fills & stretches me. Look at how excited I get to play with that huge cock.

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Your Small Dick Is Unworthy

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You really think you are worthy of the attention of a high born Goddess like myself? You're just a useless pleb. Not only do you not have the equipment to satisfy any woman, you're physically repugnant & you have a contemptible personality. You are inferior in every way. Observe the hefty cock on this alpha male. THIS is a stud worthy of being my sex slave. Watch how hard he gets, how he can control his orgasm & the size of his powerful load. You could never compete with this. You'll always have a tiny, unworthy little dick & you'll never, ever, fuck someone like me.
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Virgins First Time

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(Custom vid, no name mentioned.) It's your 1st time having sex. You are very excited about losing your virginity to me. Sadly, I'm not so excited about breaking you in. I make fun of you & your penis. I humiliate you for your premature ejaculation. I make you clean up your cum from my pussy & realize that you may have use as my cuckold cream pie cleaner.
Length: 10 minutes

FemDom Therapist Session

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Custom vid, the name "Bernhard" mentioned several times throughout. This is very similar to a recent vid "FemDom Therapist". I get you to strip for me & upon discovering your inadequate penis I explain that you are made to be a beta male. You'll never be able to please a women so the best you can hope for is to be a cuckold. We also discuss your porn addiction & that you're a masturbation junkie. I get you to masturbate in front of me while making you repeat phrases to help you get used to your place in life...as a sissy cum sucker, a beta male & cuckold...
Length: 14 minutes

Small Black Penis Humiliation

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Custom vid, no name mentioned: I'm a married woman hooking up with a black man for the first time. I'm really excited about getting some BBC (Big Black Cock) after dealing with my husbands little white dick for so long. I'm excited about seeing your BBC & quickly ask you to get undressed. I'm surprised to discover your black penis is actually quite small. I'm so horny I decide to try sex with you anyway. At first I don't realize you've put it in & despite asking you to fuck me harder I get frustrated & tell you to stop. I then tell you to humiliate yourself by jerking off in front of me while I degrade you. (Excellent Small Penis Humiliation for anyone with a mini-dick but especially suited for black men into Interracial, SPH, Sexual Rejection, Masturbation Instruction, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI)
Length: 8 minutes

FemDom Therapist

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Custom request with the name "Mark" used. Attitude throughout is slightly arrogant, superior, but in a calm manner. Though unspoken, I am aware of your interest in my smooth, soft armpits. Throughout, I tease you with glimpses and say nothing but give knowing, condescending glances. I am your therapist. I tell you today I want to delve into sexual issues because these are at the root of everything else. I always knew you were a beta male, today I'm going expose you for this. I tell you to undress while I coolly judge and critique your body, amused. I tell you that your physique is okay, and you're cute enough, but women don’t want cute, they want tall and muscular alphas, manly men who know what they want and take it. You must accept becoming a cuckold. I mock you for having a pencil dick, not tiny really, but skinny and inadequate. I order you to masturbate while making you repeat humiliating statements. I order you to ejaculate on the floor then lick it clean.
Length: 15 minutes