Armpit Worship Lesson

wmv 145.74 MB

If you are to serve me properly you must learn to worship every inch of my body exactly as I like. Being this close to my warm, smooth armpit is very intimate, don't you think? To be close enough to breath in, observe and become addicted to my own personal scent. To be able to kiss and lick that private spot. It's an erogenous zone for me...if you follow my instructions and practice, you'll be able to make my pussy very, very wet...
Length: 4 minutes

Gimp Night Part 1

wmv 340.52 MB

This is the first clip in a 6 part series showing a typical night with my entertaining gimp who I keep in my closet. My lover films this humiliating scene where the gimp licks my dirty armpits, smells my filthy socks and licks the sock lint off of my feet as we laugh at him. He then does the dishes while I'm in the shower playing with my lovers huge cock and whispering to you what else I have planned for the night. All play a part in this action packed clip.
Length: 9 minutes

Armpits and Belly Buttons

wmv 198.53 MB

Armpit fetish, belly fetish, belly button fetish, large breast fetish, sweat fetish and fans of sniffing clips. This is a simple candid clip with the fast-becoming-famous Samantha. Fans are hungry to get acquainted with every inch of this Goddess so they can properly worship her. This clip features her sexy tanned belly and belly button with piercing, and her smooth armpits. We do a belly comparison and you get a good close-up look at my stubbly pits while I instruct you on proper worship, sniffing, smelling, kissing and licking. News that a guy would get off on sniffing her pits is funny to Samantha making this clip even hotter. With her hair swept up you get some great views of her elegant neck and strong jaw line. If you have a neck fetish you would also enjoy this clip. What a beauty.

Sweaty Armpits

wmv 158.58 MB

Veronica and I just returned from a workout, sweaty and smelly. 2 well-trained armpit worshiping slaves are given the treat of a lifetime...smelly sweater armpits, then sweaty armpit licking. Neither off us showered before our workout so the smell was pretty strong. Great angles. Bet you wish it was you!

Armpit Worship

wmv 120.85 MB

Mistress has not yet showered and shaved her armpits today. Smell them and lick the stubble with some great close POV shots in HD. Jealously watch her humiliated slave obediently lick her pits like a dog.