mp4 169.17 MB

A sexy clip of sensual interaction between an adoring slave and Mistress T. Lots of SENSUAL TEASING & pantyhose-covered foot worship.

Sniff Me - Part 1

mp4 131.17 MB

My scent is addicting. Feminine, musky, sexual. This slave needs to learn to keep his tongue in his mouth...I realize how hard it is, the urge to taste me can be I duct tape his mouth and force him to breath me in...the 1st part focuses on my foot and underarm scent. Let the brainwashing begin!
Length: 4 minutes

Auntie Trains You

mp4 270.07 MB

MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION + OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER MAN + Fam FANTASIES + SEX ED + CUM EATING INSTRUCTION + GLOVE FETISH + FOOT SNIFFING/WORSHIP. Auntie guides you to get rid of that naughty erection before your MILF gets home....
Length: 9 minutes

MILF's Sweaty Dirty Ass

mp4 221.08 MB

You're watching MILF get all sweaty while working out. She catches you and decides you should 'get right in there' if you're so curious about her sweat. You're so excited you don't even lose your woody when MILF farts right in your actually turns you on! You're ordered to sniff & lick MILF's sweaty ass while she guides you to jerk off and cum for her. Fam FANTASY! Lots of close-up ASSHOLE views. NOTE: This vid contains 2 small 100% real farts. If you're not into farts they are really an insignificant part of the vid, NOT the focus. They are the type of natural farts that do come with the territory though. If you want your face in my ass all the time eventually you're going to experience a fart up close & personal.
Length: 8 minutes

Bitch Boss Controls You

mp4 94.58 MB

If you fantasize about your sexy, FemDom boss giving you orders and treating you like a slug you like this...if you're into feet, nylons/pantyhose/boots/leather/foot sniffing/scent fetish...even better.
Length: 11 minutes

Pantyhose Sniffer POV

mp4 169.19 MB

Indulge yourself. You know how much you love pantyhose. You know you just want to bury your nose in that moist crotch and breath me in. So intimate. I'll overwhelm you with my sensual beauty, velvety voice & natural Dominance as I guide you to cum for me. MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION + GLOVE FETISH + PANTYHOSE FETISH + SCENT FETISH + MISTRESS T FETISH + GODDESS WORSHIP + FEMALE DOMINATION
Length: 6 minutes

Goddess Party 5 - Part 10

wmv 144.78 MB

You'll be pressing your nose against your screen trying to smell Veronica's delectable pussy. nuzzle your nose against her warm, damp panties and breath in her personal feminine press your nose against her damp fishnet-covered feet, fresh out of her warm boots. Heaven? Absolutely.
Length: 4 minutes

Armpit Worship Lesson

wmv 145.74 MB

If you are to serve me properly you must learn to worship every inch of my body exactly as I like. Being this close to my warm, smooth armpit is very intimate, don't you think? To be close enough to breath in, observe and become addicted to my own personal scent. To be able to kiss and lick that private spot. It's an erogenous zone for me...if you follow my instructions and practice, you'll be able to make my pussy very, very wet...
Length: 4 minutes

Fart POV

wmv 160.86 MB

Farting. Point-Of-View. Ass Sniffing. Ass Smelling. Face Sitting. Panty Fetish. Goddess Worship. My-ass-your-face.
Length: 4 minutes

Stinky Sweaty Treat

wmv 290.93 MB

Scent is a powerful thing. This slave wanted to be the first to see me after my looong flight from Canada to London. Basically 2 days in the same cloths, you can imagine how I smelled. I was very amused by how much he loved the smell of my dirty armpits, feet and ass. I teased him with games of rock, paper. scissors and had a lot of laughs during his little sniff fest.
Length: 8 minutes