Sweat Fetish

Sweaty Yoga Pants Facesit

mp4 299.95 MB

How long do you think you would last with my gorgeous big ass on your face...sweaty & fragrant...while my hand teases your horny dick...

Length: 11 minutes

Sweaty Yoga Pants

mp4 534.58 MB

This vid is awesome. It's on sale because I'm feeling generous. It's a fun, casual vid which shows real life worship between myself & my personal slave. He is completely in love with my ass (as many of you are). He loves the way it smells & it's a big treat for him to worship it after I've been working out. So if you love my ass too...& like yoga pants, handjobs & authentic real-world FemDom/Goddess Worship you will really enjoy this more natural style vid. More of me just being me, naturally Dominant & playful.
Length: 19 minutes

MILF's Sweaty Dirty Ass

mp4 221.08 MB

You're watching MILF get all sweaty while working out. She catches you and decides you should 'get right in there' if you're so curious about her sweat. You're so excited you don't even lose your woody when MILF farts right in your face...it actually turns you on! You're ordered to sniff & lick MILF's sweaty ass while she guides you to jerk off and cum for her. Fam FANTASY! Lots of close-up ASSHOLE views. NOTE: This vid contains 2 small 100% real farts. If you're not into farts they are really an insignificant part of the vid, NOT the focus. They are the type of natural farts that do come with the territory though. If you want your face in my ass all the time eventually you're going to experience a fart up close & personal.
Length: 8 minutes

Hot Ice

wmv 415.69 MB

I filmed this clip last summer during a heat wave in Vancouver especially to release in the middle of winter for all of my snow-bound fans. Turn up the heat while you watch this clip. I want you to sweat with me. Watch the ice glide and melt on my scorching hot skin...imagine that it's your tongue, licking the sweat from my Goddess body...licking my sweet pussy and ass...
Length: 11 Minutes

Armpit Worship Lesson

wmv 145.74 MB

If you are to serve me properly you must learn to worship every inch of my body exactly as I like. Being this close to my warm, smooth armpit is very intimate, don't you think? To be close enough to breath in, observe and become addicted to my own personal scent. To be able to kiss and lick that private spot. It's an erogenous zone for me...if you follow my instructions and practice, you'll be able to make my pussy very, very wet...
Length: 4 minutes

Worship Stubbly Smelly Armpits

wmv 167.42 MB

Does the natural scent of a woman drive you mad? That strong, musky, feminine fragrance...and armpit stubble too: divine. Don't just sit there's sniffing and drooling, get licking...
Length: 5 minutes

Sweaty Armpits

wmv 158.58 MB

Veronica and I just returned from a workout, sweaty and smelly. 2 well-trained armpit worshiping slaves are given the treat of a lifetime...smelly sweater armpits, then sweaty armpit licking. Neither off us showered before our workout so the smell was pretty strong. Great angles. Bet you wish it was you!

Sniff Sniff

wmv 202.61 MB

Runtime 5:49. Hello sniffer. Do you love to smell all the wonderfully scented spots on a Goddess? I'll tease you with my well worn sweat pants before shoving your nose into the damp armpits of my sweater...then lifting it to show you I haven't even shaved today. Smelly stubble! Let me hear you breathing in the scent of my dirty, sweaty socks before peeling them off and showing you the sock lint and toe jam gems. Sniff sniff! Finally: jackpot! Smell my ass through my sweatpants...I know your cock is rock hard now! I slide them down and grind the crack of my ass against your face. Breath deeply as you get so close to my little dirty bum hole that you'll swear you can feel my body heat. Shot in the dark with a flashlight to give you a realistic, sneaking around feeling. Shhhh! Perfect if you're jerking to it late at night while your boring wife is asleep.