Fucked and Bitten

wmv 224.12 MB

In this unique clip we use 2 camera's to show the action and included the shots with Samantha holding the camera, because she's so damn hot! Plus, it was fun seeing how excited she got filming us. Like the title implies, this clip includes fucking and biting.
Length: 6 minutes

Bite 2

wmv 422.4 MB

Similar to the popular "Bite". I had so many requests for another biting clip:wow. This one has a cum shot, while biting his cock! Harder biting too, on arms, fingers, torso, cock and balls.
Length: 12 minutes


wmv 207.12 MB

I had a request awhile ago for a biting it is, sort of custom but with my own twist as always. You would like this clip if you're into the following: biting (of course), teeth, mouth fetish, tongue fetish, spitting, female domination,'s sensual, erotic and playful. It was our first time experimenting with hard biting and we both really liked it. Yes, I bite his cock and balls too: grrrrr!
Length: 6 minutes