Mouth Fetish

Giantess Sarah and T

mp4 233.39 MB

The gorgeous Sarah Blake joins me in dominating and tormenting little you! Double the fun! I explain how my giantess fans don't realize that the more giantess porn they watch the smaller they will get until they are actually snack size. Featuring lots of VORE & CRUSH!
Length: 8 minutes

Giantess's Rene & T

mp4 151.73 MB

This is a BIG deal for little fans of Giantess! Two gorgeous and powerful Giantess's tower over you, making you feel even tinier and more insignificant than you already are. You're so vulnerable, we could do anything with you we please! Find "3 Domme CEI" featuring us along with Ceara Lynch....and more of Humiliation Princess Rene at:

Tiny, Naive and Delicious

mp4 330.94 MB

You are part of a group of tiny people living near a group of giant people. The giants find the tiny people delicious so the tiny people avoid them at all costs. You, unfortunately, have grown up sheltered and have never heard of these dangerous giants & giantesses. You're out exploring and wander into Giantess T's house. She's amused that you are not afraid of her. She picks you up and puts you on her table to get a better look at you. She's amused that you are fascinated with her mouth. She toys with you, letting you get a really good look at her mouth (MOUTH FETISH) until her hunger finally gets the better of her and her attitude turns dark as she humiliates you for being so stupid & naive. She tells you what is about to happen to you (VORE)...
Length: 11 minutes

Giant Couple Extreme Close-Up

mp4 159.54 MB

(As a special treat to my new members, I'm adding this vid ahead of schedule. Enjoy!)
You think that you're so small that you won't be noticed? Well, you're right, at you watch from the foot of the bed...but you're mesmerized by how huge they are, you have to come closer for a better look at that overwhelmingly giant, juicy pussy...up so close, watching that massive, thick cock sliding in and out of that amazing cunt you get clumsy & you're spotted! Oh no! The Giantess seems amused by you and you get even more excited when she puts you even closer to the action but that mischievous grin hints at what's to come: she grabs you and shoves you right inside her wet, horny pussy! It's pretty dark but you see that intimidating cock head coming right for you as you fight for air and try not to drown or gets black out and come to as you're spat out with the creampie, covered in cum & cunt're happy to be alive BUT Giantess's are not known for being nice. She taunts you before making a meal out of you! (VORE ending)
Length: 6 minutes

You Can't Resist The Giant Goddess

mp4 238.13 MB

Well, little man...I see your curiosity about Giantess's has finally gotten the best of you. You've heard about how powerful & dangerous we are but also how irresistibly sexy we wanted to see for yourself but now I've also spotted YOU. I'm going to toy with you and make you jerk off to marinate/flavor yourself before I EAT YOU ALIVE!
Length: 8 minutes

Blowjob Handjob Fantasy

mp4 358.36 MB

I know you fantasize about my mouth & hands...on your cock. Watch while you stoke, imagining that it's me. (Also a great for cuckolds...see what a stud with a huge cock gets that you don't!)
Length: 12 minutes

Kissing Fetish

mp4 345.18 MB

Custom Vid: Kissing, tongue sucking & more kissing! If you love seeing two hot women smooching this is super hot! Breast/nipple licking...& a lot of tongue action! (Click to see more of Princess Meggerz)
Length: 12 minutes

You Wish This Was You

mp4 312.11 MB

Similar to the very popular "You Crave My Mouth" vid where I give a blow job with a voice-over telling you how you'll never know how it feels to have me touch you like this vid there is no voice over but I take my mouth off the cock enough to say all those humiliating & belittling things right to you...visually spectacular, just my face & hand with that thick mouth &'ll ache for me & suffer knowing you'll never know how this feels in real life...
Length: 10 minutes

Take My Spit

mp4 171.59 MB

It's spit facial time for you, my lucky spittoon. Follow my instructions and jerk yourself with my saliva dripping off your face onto your horny dick... (MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION + JOI + SPIT FETISH + SPITTOON + SPITTING + GODDESS WORSHIP + FEMALE DOMINATION)
Length: 6 minutes

Mouth Fetish Sucker

wmv 222.26 MB

Slurp...drool...lick...suck...CRUNCH! SNAP! Mouth, lips, tongue, teeth, biting, vore, chewing, consuming. Goth make-up. LOLLIPOP!
Length: 6 minutes