boot licking

Public Humiliation Extreme

mp4 127.01 MB

I may have taken things too far with this includes 100% real public humiliation, boot licking, spitting + BALLBUSTING! Just out of view you can hear people cheering me on as I humiliate him...
Length: 4 minutes

Boot Licking JOI

mp4 167.69 MB

NOTE: this vid has a voice-over MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION, by me, Mistress T. The visual glides between solo views of me & my gorgeous designer Gianmarco Lorenzi boots & views of a slave worshiping those boots. My velvety voice guides you in a boot worship jerk off instruction/encouragement, entrancing you & seducing you to the point where you cum on my command (with countdown) AND then eat your own filth (CUM EATING INSTRUCTION). Good boy.
Length: 6 minutes

Slave Girl Audition (Part 2): Boot Worship

mp4 176.78 MB

BOOT LICKING & BOOT FUCKING. That's right: boot fucking. I make her fuck the toe of my boot then lick her own pussy juice off of it. Lots of dirty talk & degrading verbals as she sucks the heel and works that boot like it's a cock... .....The slave girl (Amica Bentley) was a gift from Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion & this was filmed there.
Length: 6 minutes

Boot Lust

wmv 167.46 MB

WARNING: This clip is not technically perfect. The audio cuts out for about a half a minute in the middle (I know how much you love the sound of my voice *pout*). A big part of the scene is also missing, although it was just more licking and jerking. The cum shot comes on a little abruptly, as if you'd fast forwarded through the middle of the clip to get to the best part. Gorgeous $1000 designer boots. A very hard and passionate boot licking slave with his cock on a leash. The boots are very MUDDY, he orally cleans them, then jerks off on them and cleans them again. You might wish it was longer but you won't be disappointed in what you do get.
Length: 5 minutes