lesbian domination

Cuckolded Girlfriend Vs. BBC

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My white girlfriend has to learn that she can't compete with big black cock. If she wants to stay with me she's going to have to understand that sometimes I'm going to fuck black studs. She can still please me by worshiping my feet while I'm enjoying a black cock. She's so pussy-whipped she'll do whatever I want...even if that means eventually fluffing those cocks & cleaning up their cum from my pussy...as a lesbian that's going to be difficult for her but she'll do it: for ME. - - - NOTE: This vid is primarily about me VERBALLY cuckolding my girlfriend while she worships my feet. I make out with the black guy & show a few teasers of me fucking him but the main theme is introducing my lesbian girlfriend to her new reality as my cuckold. LOTS OF GIRL/GIRL FOOT WORSHIP! (Click to see more of Cheyenne Jewel)

Cuckolding My Girlfriend

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This is a very special (& rare) cuckolding vid. My lesbian girlfriend has never been with a man and doesn't want to be...but I like cock too...so I make her participate in my fun, to prove that she loves me. She has to fluff/suck his cock for me. She has to 'fluff' my pussy with his cock & balls right there...she has to guide his cock into my pussy...all of this is difficult & humiliating for her...she watches me enjoy that nice big, thick cock, something she's not able to give me...she sucks my pussy juices off of that thick cock and then the ultimate humiliation: she had to clean up the creampie! (100% real cum in pussy creampie, something VERY RARE in my vids these days.). As if that all wasn't enough, I also make her give herself an orgasm while looking at the cock that just fucked her girlfriend.
Length: 16 minutes

Slave Girl Audition (Part 4): Sex Slaves!

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If you've been following the Slave Girl series you'll know that she was a generous gift from Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion during my recent trip to the UK. (Find more of me on The English Mansion here: http://www.theenglishmansion.com/mistress.html?id=135) BOTH of these sex slaves were gifts actually and Sidonia Von Bork makes an appearance in this vid as she delivers the slaves and instructs them to not disappoint her. I thoroughly enjoyed them both!
Length: 18 minutes

Slave Girl Audition (Part 2): Boot Worship

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BOOT LICKING & BOOT FUCKING. That's right: boot fucking. I make her fuck the toe of my boot then lick her own pussy juice off of it. Lots of dirty talk & degrading verbals as she sucks the heel and works that boot like it's a cock... .....The slave girl (Amica Bentley) was a gift from Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion & this was filmed there.
Length: 6 minutes

Slave Girl Audition

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This Kinky Dirty Slut was a gift from Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion. (The video is filmed by Mistress Sidonia at The English Mansion in London. There is some dialogue between she and I as we discuss the slave girl.) I inspect my gift and interview her to see what use she might be to me. I discover that she is a very horny little sub up for just about anything. FEATURES: LEATHER GLOVED HANDS AROUND HER NECK + SPITTING + FILTHY VERBALS + LIGHT SPANKING. This is an extremely hot video featuring a lot of visuals of the sexy slave girls TONGUE & mouth.
Slave girl: Amica Bentley
Length: 7 minutes