Cum Eating

Forest Cuckold

wmv 200.37 MB

This is a short and sweet cuckolding/creampie clip with little storyline and all action. In the great outdoors a slut wife humiliates her small-dicked cuckold husband by making him watch her enjoy her young lovers huge cock. A hand finish, great POV talking to you, the viewer while smearing cum on my pussy before making cuckie lick it clean.
Length: 5 minutes

Cream Pie for Cuck Loser

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Finally...yes, a cream pie clip. Another legendary cuckold clip from the Cuckold Princess. She and her lover laugh as the cuck dances for them, cross dressed like a stupid slut. A red bow draws attention to his little weenie as it wags back and forth, excited to see his beloved get fucked by that huge cock. If you're already a fan you'll know what comes next: super hot sucking and fucking, lots of verbal humiliation, authentic laughter, spitting, and then a great cream pie scene. The cuck opens wide for you so you can see the cum he's licking off of my pussy. All 100% real and in HD so you don't miss a thing.
Length: 14 minutes

Abused Mattress Husband

wmv 509.54 MB

Original CREAMPIE scene with fruit! Fans of my legendary cuckold clips will find me to be a little more cruel and heartless in this clip. My stupid husband managed to annoy me at different stages and I lash out at him...slapping, name-calling and belittling him in front of my younger, well-hung lover. Maybe the most intensely humiliating cuckold clip to date. We also used new camera angles and lighting to create a visual masterpiece not often found in this genre. Of course if you just love to see me fucking ON a 'mattress' and extreme close-ups of the cream pie, this clip certainly delivers.
Length: 14 minutes

Cuck Slave Morning

wmv 246.22 MB

I just 'hang around' (ha ha) for most of this clip. Sex swing fucking and sucking...teasing the cuckold...ass worship and a encouraged bi/cum eating instruction ending. I jerk my lovers cock onto my big black strap on and make my slave suck it clean.
Length: 7 minutes

Cuckold Tease Life Sentence

wmv 445.2 MB

Cream Pie Eaters! Tease & Denial fans! This is your clip! Extreme close-ups! A great cum shot and creampie...why are sou still reading this? Look at the pictures! This is a super hot clip about teasing my slave who is sentenced to a life time of tease and denial. It doesn't get meaner then this.
Length: 12 minutes

Cum Eating Cuckold

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This clip features amazing verbals as she first teases you, the viewer, with her lovers huge cock, then fucks him while the cuck jealously watches. The end is an amazing POV from the lovers perspective as she jerks his huge cock. She then hand feeds his cum to the cuck as they both laugh at the disgusted faces he makes. But hey, where's he going to go? Ha ha. (100% real cum shot and cum HD you'll almost taste it yourself.)

Caged Cuckold Part 2

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This is the second part of Caged Cuckold where I make the dumbass cuck P in the jar that already contains my lovers superior seed. Lots of cruel taunting and degradation. We even leave him and go out for dinner when he already has a full bladder but can't P because his penis keeps getting erect. Super degrading ending of pouring the P and cum on his face and into his mouth before we leave again...leaving him tied up covered in filth inside the cage.

Suck His Cum Off My Toes

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Attention cuckolds and foot slaves! I've jerked a co-worker off at the office with my shoes and feet. (You actually get to see the cum shot go into the shoe and between my toes.) I'm going to walk home where you'll be waiting on your knees to lick my filthy shoes and cum soaked feet. You can jerk off your little weenie while I'll tell you all about the big cock that came all over my feet.

Cuck Handjob Humiliation

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Why is this clip so humiliating? It's being filmed by Mistress's lover. He films her playing with her pathetic cuckhold's cock, then her making him jerk himself to finish and eat his own cum. Lots of verbal degradation.


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Helplessly restrained, this slave is Mistress's play thing. Today she feels like torturing his cock and balls...then she decides it would be amusing to see him cum on his frilly panties...just so she can make him suck his own cum out of them after! What a bitch!
Length: 6 minutes