Cum Drenched Cuckold

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This is a hot & humiliating experience for you, my cuckold hubby. You're going to watch me enjoy my lover & his thick cock...and at the end you're going to take that huge load of real man's cum all over your face! (For those begging for more vids with the guy who produces bucket loads of cum: here ya go!) This vid also features a 100% real orgasm for me from a skilled pussy never made me cum like this! Watch & suffer you small-dicked disappointment.
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Cuckold Hubby Prison Bed

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Trapped within the bed, my cuckold hubby has no choice but to watch me having sex with other men...I taunt him about his small penis & his inadequacy as a lover. I humiliate him in front of my well-hung stud. There's nothing he can do about it! In this scene I milk a nice big load of cum from my lover while telling my hubby he'll have to clean it up but next time all that cum is going nice & deep in my pussy: the ultimate HUMILIATION? Getting pregnant with another man's baby!
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Cuckold Sissy Creampie Cleaner

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This vid has EVERYTHING you love: cock size comparisons, chastity, tease & denial, humiliation, LOTS of HOT SEX!, authentic CREAMPIE clean up! Plus a few bucks off. Fans of my cuckolding vids know scenes like this are very rare these days, especially ones with a creampie clean up, so this is a must have for your collection.
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Creampie For Cuck

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MESSY CREAMPIE CLEAN-UP ENDING...but before that, watch me humiliate and degrade my worthless, small-dicked husband...making him watch me enjoy my younger, hotter, well-hung stud. I want him to see another man fucking his wife, pleasuring me in ways that he never could.
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Cuckold Facial

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Oh boy, you're going to be excited about THIS vid. A rare scene these days: Mistress T fucking! That alone should be enough...but I'm telling you: this is a very hot vid with the most EPIC CUMSHOT I have ever seen. I even show it to you again in slow motion so you have lots of time to jerk off imagining all that hot cum is splashing against your stupid face! Open wide and take it cuckie!
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Religious Cuckold

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Is homosexuality against your religion? Perfect! You will suck cock for me. ---- My new husband is very religious. I met him at church, he was giving a sermon about the evils of homosexuality. I set out to turn him, pursuing him & soon marrying (because sex before marriage is a sin & he couldn't wait to consummate the relationship)...divorce is also against the church so now I have him right where I want him as I turn him into my cuckold & make him do the one thing he feels so ashamed of: sucking cock! I even make him eat the CREAMPIE!
Length: 25 minutes

Your Wife Wants Black

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"I know I married you...but what I really want is black cock. I know you want me to be happy & I know you want to stay married to me, so you'll indulge me. I want you to SEE how happy black cock makes me, so I want you to watch...& I want you to clean me up after. You're going to be a good cuckold hubby & lick all that cum off of me..."
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Cuckold For BBC - Shane Diesel

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This is a POV vid addressing YOU my cuckold bitch. I am preparing you for your life as my cuckold, especially for cleaning black cum out of my pussy. Lots of cream pie descriptions as you stroke & get used to the idea of being my pussy cleaner. The brain washing includes a few brief TEASERS of me enjoying that thick black cock. You can't please me with your little white dick so if you want to be with me, you're going to have to get used to black studs fucking me... (NOTE: This is not the full 34 minute sex scene with Shane Diesel. This is the warm up POV MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION & as a bonus I've included a few teasers from the full vid)
Length: 8 minutes

Watch Your Wife Cum 4

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You are my cuckold husband because you're unable to please me sexually. I bring other lovers over and make you watch me with them. Tonight you're going to watch me have a REAL orgasm while I play with this hung stud. As a good cuckold you get pleasure from seeing me satisfied. (FINGER FUCKING + 100% REAL FEMALE ORGASM)
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Watch Your Wife Cum 2

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"Dear Hubby: like it or not, you're a cuckold. I made this little vid to introduce you slowly to the idea of your new reality. My stud lover is going to finger fuck me & give me an orgasm. I want you to see another man pleasing me in ways that you can't." Note: I created this vid to have a very raw, amateur feel, to make it more realistic than a polished, professional vid with studio lighting, etc. I have a 100% REAL ORGASM (not a fake porn-style orgasm).
Length: 6 minutes