Can You Last?

mp4 388.04 MB

This is a test. How much orgasm control do you have? Feeling lucky? Go on, stroke as per my instructions while I tease you with my Goddess body & killer thigh-high boots...play the game...see if you can last until the end.
Length: 13 minutes

Be My Slave

mp4 358.82 MB

I know you ache to serve me. Imagine all the different ways I would use you, test you, train you. Your life would finally be worth living...living for me. Show me you can follow my instructions as I tease you & guide you to cum for me...
Length: 12 minutes

Too Close To Home Webcam

mp4 435.93 MB

You're about to have a good jerk off session with a web cam girl when you realize it's your own sis! For some reason you're still aroused & take the risk of 2-way camming, thus exposing yourself to her. She ridicules you for being a pervert but realizes she has the upper hand now. She teases you about having a boner for your own sis...and encourages you to cum for her to seal the deal: she's going to own you now!
Length: 15 minutes

Chastity For Hubby

mp4 319.78 MB

This is a super sensual, teasing scene for chastity cuckolds. I'm locking my cuck hubby in his cage before going out on my date...to fuck 2 guys. Two friends, one black, one white. We're going to have a hot threesome. I describe what I think is going to happen while grazing the sensitive flesh or your blue balls with my finger tips & nails...I tease you with my body, letting you grip my hips as if you were fucking me from behind...the torment is intense as I laugh at your suffering...
Length: 11 minutes

Nerdboy Humiliation

mp4 273.41 MB

This is a custom vid. The name "Antony" used several times. I chastise you for being a nerd, geek, dork, loser...calling you names, humiliating you, teasing you with my body & boobs. I make fun of your non-existent sex life. I encourage you to humiliate yourself further by jerking off for me, giving you a countdown to make you feel even more under my control.
Length: 9 minutes

Trapped Plaything

mp4 433.53 MB

You're bound & helpless. At the mercy of whatever I want to do with you. Maybe that seems okay until I edge you over & over driving you crazy, teasing & toying with you until you are so focused on cumming you'd do anything for release...
Length: 15 minutes

Caught By Hot Auntie

mp4 208.7 MB

You've been caught jerking off in the bushes by your hot Auntie. She teases you & encourages you to continue...coaching you along...
Length: 7 minutes

Sweater Fetish Stroke Encouragement

mp4 357.69 MB

This is a warm & intimate jerk off instruction... whether you have a sweater fetish or not. Sensual & sweet with just a touch of Dominance (I can't really help it, I am naturally Dominant)...sexy ass & cleavage views...countdown from 10...this is like a nice hug...for your dick *smile*.
Length: 12 minutes

Virgin Cuckolding Humiliation

mp4 373.63 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned: "My idea would be that the video starts out in a 'dream' where I am finally losing my virginity to you. You're letting me make love to you, who I've always lusted after and it's so amazing! But, it's not too long before you are waking me up back to reality and I'm face to face with you and caught red handed, day-dreaming and stroking with your silky panties around my virgin cock! You were about to go out on a date with a real man and you'd left me for just a few minutes, to get ready and I'm stroking furiously away. This will certainly not do ;) You force me to stroke for you whilst you humiliate me that you need to go out on dates to get satisfaction. So please may you add lots of cruel teasing that you are sooo good at and stroking your little finger in front of me? You make me cream your panties and force them into my mouth, before finally leaving me, spent and waiting to hear of your cuckolding stories when you come back from your date...."
Length: 13 minutes

Cruel Leather Bondage Ruined Orgasm

mp4 466.39 MB

There's a lot to love about this classic FemDom scene...inescapable extreme bondage in a leather sack with a heavy sensory deprivation hood...cruel verbals...a gorgeous Dominatrix who sensually controls her slaves....and a ruined orgasm for the helpless victim...
Length: 16 minutes