cum shot

Cuckold Facial

mp4 359.82 MB

Oh boy, you're going to be excited about THIS vid. A rare scene these days: Mistress T fucking! That alone should be enough...but I'm telling you: this is a very hot vid with the most EPIC CUMSHOT I have ever seen. I even show it to you again in slow motion so you have lots of time to jerk off imagining all that hot cum is splashing against your stupid face! Open wide and take it cuckie!
Length: 12 minutes

Ultimate Ass Worship

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All pleasure comes with a price...sometimes the ULTIMATE PRICE. What looks like just hot facesitting with a hand job may be something much more sinister. What would you sacrifice to cum by my hand with my pussy & ass on your face...? Hmmm?
Have you seen my public blog?
Length: 7 minutes

Extreme Tease Life Sentence

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Prepare to have your socks knocked off. This is a jam-packed clip covering a lot of fetishes...but just another day in the torment of my slave serving his tease & denial life sentence. We start with using him as a mattress/human furniture for a warm-up make-out session. Nude facesitting. We move on to using him as a mattress, having him worship my feet as I expertly use my mouth on my lovers cock and balls (jealous?). All the while teasing my I suck and jerk my lover off on the slaves face, which he bravely takes as he thinks his reward will be me finally fucking him and letting him cum! Surprise! I end up fucking him in the ass (not what he had in mind) and he gets a ruined orgasm instead before being locked up again for who knows how long? Poor little fella.
Length: 11 minutes